helolo everyone still a nervous wreck since my 4 year olds sons sugery on june 4 he still has pain in front of his head and still trying to get him to move his head more since they put permanent rods in his neck area I just still feel bad seing the pain he goes thru

I think that is the worst part, seeing your child in pain. It will get better- hang in there! I know after Julia's surgery she used both arms to lift her head off her pillow and it made my stomach turn. xoxooxoxo

I will be praying for your family. I can't even explain the pain to you that this surgery causes, but I do know it gets better and that children seem to cope with pain a lot better than us adults. I have met several child that have undergone Chiari decompression and the all have a success story. I know how you feel I also have a terminally ill son that endures IV infusions every four weeks and has done so since he was three. He is now 14 and came home from school with a severly sprained/fractured finger. It really worried me because he really has endured so much pain in his life that he can't judge how much pain he is in. I mean his finger was black and blue and swollen and he just seem to tolerate it and I know he hurt! I know it's hard God Bless you!