U of Minnesota Clinic anyone?

Anyone ever go to the University of Minnesota Clinic to see a Neurologist??

if so what are your thoughts pros and or cons?

I was told to go there to find a new neurologist since ive been kinda hung out to dry by all others....

I saw Dr. Haines there two years ago for Chiari. He is supposedly a specialist in that area. He said he would do surgery if I decided to as they are never really sure if it will help or not and there are so many risks involved. I am going to see him again soon for a follow up because I have had no luck with any other doctors here. Where have you been seen in MN so far?

Melissa HI,

Ive seen Hyser- b4 decompression who eventually got tired of treating me and TOLD me to find another doctor..

seen dunn- who NO ONE should EVER see!!...

after i had my decompression in Wi by heffez, 19 days later i suffered an unforeseen complication and needed life saving surgery for shunt placement for hydrocephalus and

dr Pahapil placed that- and well he doesnt want to see me EVER unless i have a MRI and he or well his PA has to check setting,

Was sent back to Hyser who eventually told me in a nutshell he didnt want to fix someone elses problems. ERGH...

Havent seen a Neurologist in over 1.5 yrs until recently hooked up with Jacoby who gave me great hopes knew both chiari and hydro-went over all cd's and even answered my ?'s and confirmed what no-one else has here in Mn and only heard about from Heffez BUT-- alas let me down by really NOT CARING!

so after i was at pain management told her about my issues she suggested i call UofM and make an appt which is where i am now trying to fiddle through the good and bad....lol...

Thank you for the info...I'll have to check it out to see if my ins accepts him...or if hes still there...


Good luck and let us know how you make out.

dancing around the healthcare industry is so darn tiring....nevermind frustrating....you are in thought and prayer.



My neuro docs are located in Duluth and they were great, as long as you see the right ones in the department, if you would like some more info, feel free to contact me. I sometimes loose these threads and forget that I even posted in them : ) Good luck!