Trouble focusing and concentrating

Hello friends! I was wondering does anyone else have this happen to them? I have ALOT of trouble with focusing and concentrating on anything. It has gotten alot worse for me in the past month.

I am also having what I call episodes of spacing out. I can be doing something and then all of a sudden I am just staring and zoning out, my eyes don't blink and the episodes only last about a minute or so and then I just "snap out of it" and resume whatever it was that I was doing.

My short term memory has gotten bad. My mom or hubby can tell me something in the morning and then by the afternoon I have totally forgotten what they have told me or wanted me to do. They will look at me and say "Don't you remember me telling you that this morning" and well I of course have no recollection of it. I feel sooo dumb. Here I am with an Associates degree in Medical Assisting and I used to be so smart and now I feel dumb and stupid. I hate that feeling and it puts me into a deep depression if I think about it for too long.

Sorry to ramble, just wanted to know if anyone has these sx and are these sx just part of Chiari.

Gentle hugs and much love!



Sorry you are going thru all this...My memory is pretty bad but I personally don't know if it is stresss related more than Chiari at this point!!

However..I have to tell you that certain meds can cause that 'stupid' feeling.....Topamax was the worse , for me..some folks get great results with was like I was spacing out and feeling like I was not in the moment ..if that makes sense.

Glad you posted this...and you don't ramble!!!LOL



Thanks Lori for answering my post. The only meds I am on right now are Neurontin-1,200 mg a day, Clonipin 0.5 mg-1 every evening, Elavil 25 mg- 1 at bedtime, Phenergan 25 mg- as needed for nausea, Zanaflex 4mg- 1 every 6 hrs for muscle spasms and Effexor XR 150 mg- 1 every morning although I have been without the Effexor for 4 days now. Not good at all to go without the Effexor XR the withdrawal sx’s are very very bad. If I go without it for more than 7-8 days I literally cannot get out of bed. So wish I had the money for the Effexor. When I had United Healthcare my co-pay for it was just 15.00, well now I have Humana due to my hubby’s work switching to it and the co-pay is now 87.00!! I can’t afford that. I don’t know what I am gonna do. Oh what a mess I am in. lol

Tara..So sorry for all this stress and pain....

You have to get the Effexor ASAP!! can you call your doctor and see if he/she has any samples????? Tell him/her your situation. I had gotten samples in the is worth a try.

keep us posted.