Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

I went to hospital yesterday due to have eye blurring and then hand and face (leftside) numbness, this happened about 3:30pm, i then had another attack about 5:30pm, ive had headaches i havent been able to get rid of, and felt overall unwell, i was unable to concentrate and tell the distance of cars or people,(lucky i was not driving) when my face went numb my tounge felt like it ballooned and was unable to mouth words,

while i was in hosptal, they ran bloods and did blood pressure, the were both out of wack,

i was then told that i had a TIA, and that they will do carotid artery checks, and blood pressure checking, so i was sent home with asprin,

im sitting here today,still unable to shake headaches and funniest in head.

i am rather well considering it all, but i know from past experiences that it will take awhile to recover properly from it,


with chiari is there any problems with carotid arteries????

thanks susan

its just another thing to try to deal with, its frastrasting, but will know more when tests are done, im not worried, or even stressed thats the thing, so its confusing, also my cholesterol is elevated, which showed them maybe a blockage,

time will tell, walking has been a mission today, and still headaches, spaced out, and muddling my words,

i had a healing massage today, im hoping it will help and make me feel better,

I am so sorry you are going through this. This really touched a nerve with me. You will be in my prayers. I have had this happen and was told at the time it was atypical migraines…then later I was told it was due to my Chiari not a TIA. Well my latest MRI showed “four small areas of hyperintensity” which is apparently four spots or lesions on my brain. My neurologist at The Chiari Institute felt my MRI may have just ben overread by the radiologist since they are so small, but because of my history with stroke like symptoms is running some tests. My bloodwork (cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar, thyroid ect.) is excellent. I have to now get an ultrasound on my heart to rule out a PFO(hole in heart) and mitral valve prolapse which could both cause strokes. He said many people with Chiari also have Elher’s Danlos Syndrome(EDS) and these problems with the heart are sometimes found in people with hypermobility syndromes like EDS. A PFO especially can cause mini strokes because it can cause small clots to form. He said the heart ultrasound will also help him rule out EDS for me since I fell into the borderline category. They will also check my aorta as people with the vascular form of EDS often get aortic anuerisms. He told me though he does not think I had TIA’s. He just wants to rule it out because of the MRI and the fact that I was borderline for EDS. He also doesn’t think I have EDS. He just wants to be as sure as he can because EDS can change the course of treatment. Hearing anything referring to strokes gets me VERY upset. My mom’s vascular problems started at 54 with the first blockage in her heart and culminated at 71 after 2 months of stroke after stroke that resuted in 2 brain hemmorhages that took her life this past January 11th. If it turns out with these tests I am getting that I am at risk for stroke I think it will put me over the edge. As if Chiari isn’t enough to deal with! I also just had a blood test my doc at TCI ordered to check my homocystein levels and some other things that most docs do not routinely check for that are even greater predictors of vascular health than cholesterol and triglycerides.

Susan, have you been tested for EDS or tethered cord?

When I was first having my episodes my Dr's believed that I had a TIA or a miniStroke, but they could never see what was causing it. Usually a TIA is because too much bllod is pumping to you prain, but not enough is getting through because of a blockage or a kink in an artery. I do have a kinked artery to my brain, but they still to this day reassure me that that is not what was causing my symptoms. I was alson in the begining of my 2nd trimester with my last son, so they thought that might have had something to do with it as well. Due to the fact you pump more and faster blood when you are pregnant. Now that these "episodes" have not gone away and I have permanant numbness, vision, ect. my Dr.'s are for sure it is the Chiari. We will just have to see. Surgery on Thursday. I am so nervous I could pee my pants!!!! Good Luck and I hope they figure out your mystery.


ive been doing these funny attacks since i was 16, im nearly 32, each attack is getting closer together and recovery afterwards is long and hard, at first they throught it was miiagranes, and ruled that out, then they thought stokes, i just get put on blood thinners, its been 3yrs sice my last big attack, and its hit me hard, i cant shake these headaches, im so fatigued, i cant stand for long periods, over all im been hit by a bus, my leftside is weaker than the right,

the medical team doesnt think its chiari causing this, or the cyst, i got a printout of results and they havent changed so, no surgery yet for the cyst, ill just have to wait and see NS next month and see what he says, im still on waiting list to see NL, unsure how long that will take, so keeping head up,

CRYSTAL........ whoa surgery on thursday, that is exciting and nerve racking at same time, i wish you well and hope recovery is good for you,

jennifer.............. i have had my heart checked, i had a bubble study done, an ultrasound, 48hr moniter, and just resent, an event moniter, its show and acute sinus rythum, but not dangerous so they put me on betaloc, i took myself off them about a month later, as they did no different, i also have shattered white matter on my brain, they are looking at MS, i have these in the right thalamas, and pons and right basal ganaloin region, they are unsure wether that is causing my arachnoid cysts in my thoracic region,

you just get the point and hope that some test will give you an answer, so you know what is causing these things,

it is interesting how many problems everyone has, and makes you think what really is causing these things, and how much of it is chairi.


thankyou abby, carla and susan.

i go for my carotic artery test tomorrow morning, im abit unsure about this test, i know its just a scan but im worried that nothing will be found, and im left again, the hard thing is they dont know whats going on with me, im so in the hard basket,

so i will wait for test results first.

also my MRI results, have come back unchanged. but i will know more when i see surgeon 15 april, sometimes radiologists dont state everything, or different things from previous studies,

CARLA..... a TIA is a mini stroke, i think ive had these before, but never been quick with blood thinners, they put me on them fast, and headaches are easing abit, im still very tired, and drained and that might take a while to come right if ever, goin by my lst one it took many months to start being half normal,

i will let you all know how test goes

love you all

hi susan

i have got the paper print out of results, it does vary from other mri readings, it also isnt in great detail. like all the rest,

but what i did find interesting is, there is a area could pons, and it has some instensity (not spelt right) other words white matter in that area, when i researched it, it kept coming up with what damage is left from having a stroke, ive had afew attacks like the one over the weekend, so maybe they were strokes, and no ones being truthful with me, my last NL has not been truthful about anything. so i will have to ask

thankyou for all your help i will let you know how it goes with my test.


I just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers....If i read it correctly..i think you have your artery test today, right???? let us know what they find....

Hugs and Prayers,


hi all

im soooo upsett, ive given up with it all, another test and everything there is fine, grrgrrr no body can figure this out, i'll be left again to struggle, i cant to it, i have no energy, and headaches are getting bad again,

i got told today that my home town MRI machine is old and crap, but i dont think they will send me to another town, for another one, i really think i need another mri due to my TIA, it make be able to explain headaches, but im tired and not sure i want to keep trying to find an answer, im sick of tests coming back negative,

maybe im mums right, she told me whats the point if you going to die wouldnt it be best just to die at home, or maybe chocolate thats my dads idea, when i was stroking in front of him, he told me i needed chocolate and just go to bed.

my family sucks, my nana rung today to see how i am, she asked me if my mother has rung, me i told her that she hasnt rung me for over 2yrs, im getting really sick of onesided relacenships, ive given up, if she wants to know anything she can ring me, hahahahha

abby.... i dont think ive been getting the right treatment, no doc has taken chiari seriously, but i will talk to my doc and get him to see about the drug, i also need pain relief for headaches now,

ok kids are at me. i better go,

i would rather be in bed and never get out, :-(

This upset me so much. My heart is breaking for you! In October after a week of a mind blowing headache, dizziness and nausea that made me lose 13 lbs. in five days, blood pressure through the roof(170/110), and my neck being unable to hold my head up, I called my poor husband at work on nightshift and told him I could no longer take it. I was almost to the point of hysterics! My instinct for survival is very strong but at that point I just wanted God to take me.(Suicide will NEVER be an option for me because of my faith and my children. Children of suicide are left with a terrible legacy and are more likely to commit suicide.) My husband was distraught...he was at work unable to help me so he called my WONDERFUL family doctor who was very concerned. He called in a prescription for valium to ease my anxiety. I was very surprised that the valium not only calmed me down but eased my symptoms too! Apparently valium is also a muscle relaxer and unexpectedly made everything tolerable! I take it now only when I am at my worst...probably about once a week on average. My doc stresses to me that it is VERY addictive so I am very careful with it. No narcotic pain killer has helped me as much and I won't take them anyway because I cannot function on them.

Sometimes when the pain and fear is unbearable I need someone to remind me to keep going. I hope you too keep going! I have had to stop trying to look into the future when things are good and do nothing but look into the future when things are bad in hopes the worst times will pass. You ARE loved! If not shown by your parents then please try to hang on to the fact that your Father in heaven loves you more than we humans could ever imagine. I at times have felt abandoned by God to only be shown later that he has never abandoned me I just took my eyes off of Him for awhile. My heart goes out to you and I wish you were closer so we could have a cup of tea together and talk and talk. We don't always see our own purpose but we all have one. The fact that you are still here means you STILL have a purpose! You are an example to your kids and they need you. If that is your ONLY purpose in this life than it is a wonderful one. To be entrusted with the lives of children is a blessing in itself!

I will be praying that things for you start to improve! Why things have to be so tough sometimes I will never understand, but I hope you know that there are people who care about you and will be lifting you up in prayer!

I can't imagine how scary that must have been. Have you contacted your neurologist since this happened? Have you had a complete workup? I hope that this is a onetime thing and wish that you are able to find answers. Good luck to you and God Bless!!



im ok, im pulling through it, i asked my husband to be home early today, and he has, im unsure what i should be doing, i feel lost, and confused, but to know he is here to help with the kids today lightens my load, yesterday i found it so hard,

i recieved an appointment with the hospital to see the medical team, about this so called TIA, they wont know what to do with me, they never do, i just hope im not lost in the system again,

theresa...... i havent spoken to my NL about this, i havent meet my new one yet, i dont even know what hes like, i am hearing some bad reports about him, and if hes not good ill go private again,

i thankyou you all for your love and support, and i promise i wont do anything stupid, i dont have the guts for it, and i imagine my kids no having me around and how hard to woud be for them,

i know my life isnt finished with, but some days i hate this, and not knowing what is really going on,

im tired and need a rest, i will be back on here alittle later,

love you all


Googled TIA Chiari…lots of results in neurological sites. I read somewhere else they were related, ninds, maybe. I need a research app. I know there is stuff out there but I didn’t pay too much attentio cause I didn’t have any more room in my Chiari brain for more info. Seriously. :slight_smile:

today is a better day, still drained and sore at times, but ok, ive even made tomato relish,

i have my coffee group today, i dont really want to go, but know that i better, i just wont be there long, you just get to a stage you want to be alone with your thd of thoughts and body, to try to heal, but they need me,

they want to investigate my high blood pressure, it should of been managed along time ago, its amazing how slow the system is,

but i will wait and see, got to look up, ive got a hens night to do,(teaching burelsque) thats going to be hard enough, but im hoping ill pull it off, and get though that, the day before i have to drive 3hrs to see surgeon, then for hens night i have to drive 2hrs and spend 2hrs teaching, its going to be challenging, so im going to concentrate on getting that done,

i would like to thankyou again susan for your offer on ph call, and it would be great to out a voice to your photo, but i dont have enough energy to talk on ph, lol

and im doing better,

abby my girl, you are so lovely. with you and susan i have been blessed from god to have sent you to me, no words can describe how it makes me feel, lets just say that crying is a nice thing today, :-)

right have to get ready for group, im hoping i can do and not flake, the great thing is they understand how hard life can be,

love you

oh debra... i will do some research and have it ready for the doctors, thankyou for giving me the idea,

abby always make me cry. lol but in a good way,

i never feel like im doing enough, and want to do more, i also am learning that i need to rest. been a tester there.

i will keep everyone informed on progress with docs and how im feeling.


I am happy to read that you are feeling a bit better emotionally. Jennifer said it well, i think..our heavenly Father loves us and will see us thru...i know for myself, that it is me that turns my back on HIM..this condition wears on you both mind and body...

i am so sorry your family is not there for you.....we are though, as well as God...i oft times feel so alone, frustrated, angry,useless..all negative emotions that don't help my mental state.

i completeley understand about feeeling like giving up..i think that is natural from time to time...that is why we have this group...we build each other up, we 'get it'...i don't post all the time..but i want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

let us know how you are today.

God Bless You and your are just beautiful!!!!!


hi amy

i havent had anymore attacks, see nuero early may, so see what she has to say, not counting my chickens before they hatch, not expecting much with that,

i hope you are well now and able to use your side of your body again,

i must admit that asprin did help with those headaches, but noticing that they are coming back slowly, so im hoping evan more that another attack isnt on the way.


Amy...Just my opinion...but NL should have done a CT or something to make sure it was TIA. Keep us posted.



Amy M. Brinkley-Osborne said:

I had an attack the doctor said was probably a TIA (but never did any tests--I need a new neuro!). I couldn't use one side of my body to walk with, but I could keep my balance by dragging my other leg. He told me to take Aspirin, but I already do anyway to help with headaches. I hope that you don't have anymore TIAs and that things get better for you soon.


I have an aneurysm on my right carotid artery; it's been fixed, but I sometimes still have little episodes with my vision, not blurring but more like I'm looking through little clear dancing triangles in the corner of my eye. When I take an aspirin it goes away in a few minutes.....scary though. I have been to the ER for it because I was afraid I was having a stroke. It went away while I was in the ER after they gave me aspirin. It doesn't happen often - just every few months or so. I didn't have any symptoms like that before my aneurym surgeries in 2008 when it was found while they were doing presurgery testing for the chiari. That's why I didn't have the chiari surgery until 2010. I had the aneurysm fixed first. I don't know of any connection to Chiari with mine.