To all - please accept my thanks

My friends and all the wonderful people who make this forum such a great place to Vent, ask, learn, or whatever we need to do at the time; I wish to say thank you for your time, commitment, and dedication. I know it sounds vain and conceded but thank you for your commitment to me and your commitment to others here.

Miles may separate us and we may never even meet face to face, but the invaluable support and guidance given means quite a lot to me. I am sure it means a lot to others as well. With all the guidance and support you are like the lighthouse to boaters long ago; the light to safety and a comforting and welcoming shore. You provide refuge from the storm that rages from within us and from our families and doctors.

This is what makes us "family". I have learned through the posts, discussion, and everything else here something I already knew, but forgot. Blood does not make someone family; but care, compassion, concern that is shown for one another as ALL of you do for each other and myself.

May your days be pain free this weekend and may we continue to find our strength, courage, and helping each other in an ever abundant supply.

Thank you

That was beautiful:) I feel the same way about this wonderful group of people:)

Thank you so much! It is wonderful to have a place to turn to, when no one else in the world seems to understand. You all make this a wonderful place.

Emily Alice

How Beautiful! I haven't been feeling well and haven't been on and it was wonderful for this to be the first thing I read. Thank you Michael for expressing what we all have felt. Sending you a hug....Wendy

My dear Friend:

What a way you have with brought tears to my eyes.

My are very special to this Chiari family bring so much to the table here...thank YOU for sharing yourself with us.

Love ,



You are Amazing & I have told you this before. Even when you are having a rough day, you are always there for everyone. I hope your wife and daughters & baby are doing great !!!! I agree we are like a big family.

Thanks for all you do,


I couldn't have said it any better're all Angels!!!