As this site looks and supports people with chiari malformations,

i would like to add this as, we tend to forget the ones that look after us, wether its family or friends,

we need to express our deepest love to those who have helped,

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANKYOU FOR MY HUSBAND, who in his funny way is trying to be supportive, he has and still is standing by me, he hasnt turned his back on me, even when my family dis owned me for marring him, I LOVE YOU, WITH ALL MY HEART, AND THANKYOU, WITHOUT YOU I WOULD BE LOST, you are learning to hold my hand and tell me that we will do this together, sitting with me as i talk about how angry i am with tests, docs, the feeling of doom, then you grab me and hold me, you always tell me that your sorry that im not better, i dont tell you enough how much you mean to me, i love youyou have been there beside my bed with every surgery and will do it again with the next one, even when you have to drive 3hrs aday to see me,

I would like to thank my friend who took the kids for days on end while i have surgeries, that makes it easier as i know they are in good hands, you are there everyday and you just allow me to talk,

i would also like to say thankyou for my support friends who i meet at coffee groups, we may not suffer the same illnesses, but you understand me, im able to express my fears and worries, with no judgment,

one last thankyou to lori, abby, and carla, when i came on this site 4yrs ago, (it was manly us on at that time) you allowed me to talk and cry, and that was the best thing in the world, i was nolonger alone, thanks is not enough to express the help you ahave done for me,

tears now....... I love you and thankyou,


What a wonderful idea!!! My husband has been the absolute best support I could have asked for. No matter what kind of day I'm having he finds a way to make me smile & laugh (even when it hurts LOL) and somehow gives me the right amount of support. And my mom has started staying with us to help out with the kids when it's needed. She's not once tried to take over but instead waits to see how I'm doing, then jumps in if I need her to. And I'm incredibly thankful for my kids...my son knows when I need a hug and my 2 little girls entertain me endlessly when I'm laying on the couch. I love my family!!

thankyou for repling, its uplifting,

keep it up