It’s been some time since I’ve posted. I have visited here and there over the past couple of months, reading discussions and researching. I just had to pull away for a bit. I guess it was like I had to find my own way of coping. It kinda feels like I experience something similar to the stages of grief. Now I feel like I am at the Acceptance stage. I just had to say THANKS to everyone!

After my appointment with neurosurgeon and no recommendation for surgery, I have decided not to seek a second opinion at this time. For now, I am being monitored by my neurologist and will probably see her only a couple times a year. I am not consistently taking prescription meds & managing pain with OTC meds and rest. In short, I am doing what I was doing before the dx. The major difference now is I have information, awareness, and the support of others living with CM. After hearing from so many of you I have been encouraged. I have heard from those whose symptoms and struggles are far worse than any I have experienced. This helps me to put things into perspective. I am determined to live the best life possible, no matter the state I am in. I have faced the fact that I will have good days and bad. I have faced the fact that things may get worse. I have faced the fact there is no one solution or cure. I have to do whatever it takes to take care of me: limit activities and demands, increase rest time, take off work when I need to. I will do what I can, at the rate I can, for as long as I can. Since I do not have children (Hats off to all the mommies living with CM!!), I can do one thing mommies cannot-focus on my care & well being. Prayer is ever strengthening and keeping me above the waves. Support and information from all of you is priceless! It helps to know there are real people living with CM who provide understanding and support like no one else can.

Thanks to everyone. Wishing you & yours the happiest New Year!

New, you are a very strong person…what a nice post.

Jenn :slight_smile:

So glad you've come to acceptance! It's a hard place to get there no matter what recommendation you get! But please stick around and keep us up on how you're coping, what helps, what doesn't, etc. Sometimes people go so quickly from diagnosis to surgery that there isn't a lot of information on "home-remedies" or even what medications worked best for you. Definitely stay strong and positive!! There's a song that says "I will keep my eyes above the waves." Your words "Prayer is ever strengthening and keeping me above the waves" brought it to mind. It is by Hillsong United and called Oceans (Where Feet May Fail.) I will send positive thoughts your way and encouraging prayers for healing and comfort up for you. XOXO