TCI, TC, numb face and a cpl other random things in one post

So after my craptacular NS visit Monday, first thing Tuesday morning I faxed my records and questionnaire to TCI. I got a call in 2 hours from the nurse who asked me to send MRI disc and she will present my case on Monday and then they will call me with an appt (to be expected to be made within the next 2-4 weeks) if they think they can help me.

During the questionnaire process, I had to answer questions about TC. I never really gave a thought about it. But in answering the questions I became aware I present a lot of symptoms. I also started looking up more info on it on my own. Well, hey yanno what? I was born with a sacral dimple and at age 16 (TMI WARNING) I had surgery to remove a hairy patch from the dimple and remove abscess. The dimple still drains from time to time plus a few other symptoms that go along with TC. I also came across something about chiarians often having low vitamin D levels. My vitamin D levels are at critical lows, I have to take prescription strength vitamin D - 40,000 iu. After reading all of this, I think I sat there and went "Huh, well if I ain't a monkey's butt..."

Random switch of subject, my face has been crazy numb lately and it's driving me batty. I'm slapping myself trying to get the feeling back. Yeah, I look crazy, but I can't STAND it. Hands/feet too. UGH. Irony of this whole thing is how is my face, feet, hands and shoulder blades can be tingly/numb but my HEAD throbs in pain? Come on.........

Trouble breathing a bit too, not a lot. Just more like hard to catch a breath sometimes. Blah.

Tethered cord! But what did you think it was? lol

Well, sacral dimples can be connected to tethered cord which can then be connected to chiari. I feel like I'm getting ready to sing the skeleton song, "the leg bone is connected to the - knee bone..."