T-2 weeks and counting 'til "S" day - any advice?

So I'm two weeks from surgery - any advice? I've looked at the list of things to bring to the hospital. Anything that some wishes they knew before they went into surgery?

I borrowed this idea from Katrina and started a caring bridge page if you would like to follow me surgery - recovery feel free to at :http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/carriemurray

Anything that you think would be helpful is appreciated.

Thank you,

Carrie :)

Hi Carrie,

I was so thrilled to read that you have such a well respected NS....Have you read "Contents Under Pressure" by Ray D'Alonzo??? Dr. Tew was his NS.

You asked a very good question...when you asked if there was basically something I wish I knew b4 surgery. YES....Looking back now, a bit over 3 yrs post op...I wish I had known how my NS was going to place the bandage over the incision....Sound stupid, I know..but here was the thing, in my case...Actually , it was Mike, my S's excellent PA who 'closed' and after he did so , he place a gauze type bandage on the area..It was very, very painful when Mike came in the next morning to removed it..see, the blood had dried, strands of hair was caught on that gauze...when he yanked that off..

So, My point it...if you could ask your NS b4 hand if they could wrap your head..kinda like mummy style!!! My niece 's NS did that and it was a breeze she said when he un-did it to look at the staples/stitches.

I know my complaint sounds stupid and not a big deal..but for me , anyway, that was not a good way to start off my 1st day post-op....LOL

You are in thought and prayer.




I just ordered the book! I know that I won't have a band-aid b/c I'm allergic to the adhesive, but I will ask about wrapping my head. It's more dramatic in photos right? LOL I'm sure that was no way to begin your first day of recovery. Thank you for the advice.

Peace and Love,

Carrie :)