Hi everyone,

Got my app for surgery today, was wondering can anyone tell me wat to expect before and after surgery. What i should bring to the hospital, wat i shud ask my docs before hand im really scared and nervous and really donno wat to do im a nervous wreak but docs say it needs to be done or ill only suffer more. any advice welcome thanks.

Caroline xxx

Morning Caroline… First well done for making your surgery decision. Your officially going to be a zipperhead! Your going to have to order your self a tshirt for after surgery
How you have to focus on the pros of this life freeing op!
Oh I am going to have to find out which doc and hosp!!!
When is your op?

Hi Caroline,

Thank goodness you have a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan is set in place!! When are you having the surgery?? Is the hospital close to home???

Try to take peace in knowing that your NS knows his stuff and from what I have learned and was told myself personally, by 2 well respected NS' that from a NS's stand point the surgery is not a complicated NS told me this and my 2nd opinion in Boston said the same thing. For me , anyway, that gave me a sigh of relief.

After the operation is over will go to the recovery area...there , the nurses and doctors will make sure your pain is tolerable b4 they send you to the ICU for the honest with them in recovery....let them know exactly how you experience was that they made sure I was as comfortable as could be expected.....some people get nausous(sp), i did..and I told them and they gave me IV meds for that..which worked and that way they could let the ICU know..thus..they kept that under control..

The next morning I was moved to a regular room.....1st few days for me were hard..but tolerable...Now I am looking back over 3 yrs ago...i guess, if you asked me the day after surgery , I may have said something a a bit different!!!LOL

But seriously...The long term positive results were worth it all.

I suggest for you to bring jammie bottoms.....few reasons I did that and suggest to you as well...Hospital sheets are rough and for me, anyway..having my jammie bottoms was great..then , once the cath was out.which was the next morning...I wasa able to walk myself to the bathroom ..without worrying about my butt hanging out of those cheesy hospital gowns.

I also suggest a soft small blanket..I brought a fleecy lap blanket which I ended up using ontop of the pillow.

For others here that know me....THIS IS A MUST..I am sorry if I sound nuts and like a broken record...BUT....I highly suggest bring facial and baby wipes...My personal reasoning only knows where those hospital wash clothes have been!!LOL....seriously, there will be times you just don't feel like getting up ...and this way , you can use your own disposable facial/baby wipes to freshen up while in bed.

Sorry this was so long...

Remember.....we are all here for are not alone...the gang here, in my experience, are the BEST.....they helped me through rough spots and we will all be happy to help you, in any way we can.



Hi mairead,

What kinda tshirt do u mean? Last week of january they said getten a date tomorrow, im going to UCH and my surgeon is doc charles marks do you knw him? The decision to have the op was hard as ive never had surgery and im really scared.

Hi lori,

They said last week of january waiting for a date, the hos im going to is cork which is about an hr and a half drive from my home.Its such a great feeling knowing what i have and that im not mad as some docs tryed to mske out i was lien my NS is suppose to be good and after meeting with hes team yesterday i feel a bit at easy. I def will be telling them how i feel after the op becoz ive tryed to play down my pain before. Do they give everyone a cath and why do dey? Thanks i will def be takin the things you suggested wit me and thank ye both for yer replies it means soooo much to me.


Caroline xxxxxx


I would say yes, they do give everyone a catheter. Mine was inserted after I was under anesthesia though, so it wasn't painful. I had it in for the first day and a half. You probably won't feel good enough to get out of bed, especially because of all the medications. You will be very woozy and trust...I was thankful to have it. Lol. When they did take it out, it was a little rough getting up and going to the bathroom. I needed a lot of assistance.

I was told by several people to make rice packs before surgery to use for aftercare. They are pretty easy to make if you can sew, but if not, you can take a clean/new tube sock, add rice to about half way, tie the end in a knot and keep them in the freezer. They feel so good on your incision site!

I took jammie pants, my own pillow, chapstick, a comfy t-shirt, slipper socks, a soft blanket and wipes. I feel like I may have forgotten something, but I am only 10 days post-op, so I am still having some memory issues.

If you are uncomfortable or are in any pain, tell the doc or nurse right away. It takes them a few minutes to get the meds etc, so don't let it get too bad before you ask!

I hope this helps! I won't lie and say it wasn't uncomfortable, but it is bearable. You will be just fine! Good luck and keep us posted.


Hi Caroline.
No I have not had surgery yet. But it might be on the cards in 2012. My ns is prof peter Kelly in the mater privt and I attend the endocrine clink in st vincents. Currently waiting on a review of my chiari with the neuro team in st v private. I don’t know any one personally who has had any brain ops in uch but I have heard that they are brill down there. I will send u a zipper head tshirt when u are there! I know you must be super worried but think this is the last Christmas that will spend asleep/inbed…next year you will be a conversational bright spark who has the energy to do what ever you like! I am hoping I get told I need it to as living with the feeling of a constant hang over, slurred speech, no short term memory (so bad now that I don’t think I can stay living by my self) is just not fun any more

Hi Nicolee,

Thank you so much for your advice its really nice to hear from someone whos just had it done. I will be def askin my mom for help with the rice packs you suggested becoz of the comments ye have posted and the help and advice ye have given me i feel better prepared, im writing down all the things ye suggest i take and ill be takin them all. I def will tell the docs how i feel after it as ive played it down for so long. Can i ask how you felt straight after you woke up and how you feel now? Do you have a bad stiff neck. sorry for all the questions i just wanna be prepared as i can be and learning from someone who's been there is better than wat the docs can tell me.

Thanks so much from takin time to reply to me

Love Caroline xxxxxxxx

Hi Mairead

Thank you for ur reply, and im glad to hear you might get surgery too as i totally agree dat its sooo hard and the pain is so bad. Thank u for offering to send me a the tshirt i really appirceate it. The energy thing i just taut i was lacking in a vitamin but soo hppy to hear the chiari is causing it as i have none wat so ever and even cleaning my house is hard. Also the memory thing i hate that i cant remember things it fustrates me soooo much as u can tell ive even forgotten how to spell certain words ad things got to do wit my son dat i cant remember upsets me alot. I was told in UCH dat people who just have the headaches gets the surgery if they ask. I really hope they help you and thanks again for takin time to reply to me.

Love Caroline xxxxxxxxxx


Promise this will be short!!LOL

Thinking of you and praying for ya....

Yes, your neck will be painful right after the operation...but the recovery room staff will make sure your pain is under control b4 you go to the ICU for the night...just be sure to be honest and tell them if you are in a lot of heroics at that point!!! why suffer needlessly????

They took my cath out in ICU...they up it in when I was 'knocked out!!"...It was not painful when they took it out..a nurse did it for me.

Peace and Love &HUGS,


Hi lori,

Thanks for your reply im really nervous and scared and everyones kinda words and answers to my question are helping me alot thanks for takin the time to reply.

Love Caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx