Symptoms Of Chiari and just venting

So back in 2008 right before my daughter surgery for Chiari. I was told I had it. Of course I put my issue on the back burner,do to my daughter need to come first. I just read the symptoms of Chiari and I have 18 of them. I know I should go see a NL but I'm sure since its been so long since I have done a MRI they would want to do another one. Problem I refuse refuse to do a MRI. I'm so closterfobic and even though they say they can give you something to be able do the MRI. I'm afraid it will not work and I will still be awake during the MRI. I rather live with the problems then go through a MRI.

They do have Open MRI's. The pictures are as good as the closed MRI's but it still gets the job done. Have you considered going in one of them?


Like Alicia said..there are open MRI's ..can you see if that is an option for you>>>??? good luck and let us know how you make out.

Thank you everyone I will look into the open MRI. I looked at some pictures of them still not convinced. I guess I will not know until I try it. I will keep you posted on how it goes.