Surround yourself with Positive

I recently remembered I did an experiment a year ago. The experiment was to cook rice, divide it in 3 portions, put them in separate air tight containers, like a jar, and once a day say something positive, like 'I love you", or "thank you" to the first one, something negative, like " I hate you" or " you're stupid" to the second one, and just ignore the third one. I did this, because I had seen videos of people doing this and I could not believe their results. I had to try it for myself.

The results were surprising, because what I saw in those videos turned out to actually work! I don't remember for how long I did this. Maybe 2-3 weeks. The "love" rice had pretty much stayed white, there was little to no fluid that shows up when something is rotting. The "hate" rice was really rotting and had mould all over. The "ignore" rice was also rotting and had mould, but not as much as the "hate" rice. They all had the same containers, and I kept them them all together at the same place. As the experiment was going, I actually started feeling sorry for the hated and ignored rice. I thought " they didn't deserve it!" haha

What makes this possible? Water. This experiment was initially done by a japanese scientist. He proved how water changes its molecular appearance based on whether it is receiving positive or negative energy. The human body consists of 60% water. I believe that by reacting negatively to whatever is happening to us or around us, we hurt ourselves first. If you're interested in this, just search for "rice experiment" and you'll find interesting and, honestly, pretty unbelievable stuff both in videos and articles. If you decide to preform this experiment, share your results here! :)

I haven’t heard of this curious experiment, but I have heard of something in same spirit as your discussion only pertaining to houseplants. Those that live in a positive, joyful environment do better overall than those in a negative, unpleasant environment. It’ll be interesting to see what others have to share. Thanks for your positive message, Fugu.

I love it! Positivity means so much. I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel and act when I have a positive vs a negative attitude! Thanks for sharing.