Surgical recovery time

Can anyone give me some sort of timeline as how long recovery from this surgery takes. My Dr says 3 weeks I am an aut tech and not too sure if that is right. Most everyone I have talked to says that is way to shor a time I need to be able to plan accordingly with my employer and for my finances any input is appreciated

Todd recovery is different for each person, typically i think most surgeons say 4 weeks from release from hospital. HOWEVER- most of us who already had this surgery will agree true recovery takes much longer then that- i however had complications so i can not give you an accurate count on how long it took to recover from my chiari decompression surgery.

i would say you should be looking in the area of atleast 4 weeks before returning to work and then once you do return to work you may find that you will be limited in duties ie- lifting, bending etc- being an auto tech you may be limited to what you can do and may want to discuss with your employer what jobs might be available for you in the event that recovery takes longer then expected for you-this way not only you are prepared but so is your employer for any event that may come ahead with you.



I found this for you:
18. How long will it take to recover from surgery?
As to be expected, recovery will vary from person to person and will depend in part on a person's overall health
and fitness before the surgery.Barring any complications, some people recover from a successful surgery in a few weeks, others take a few months, and others may take more than a year. Your doctor may suggest a physical rehabilitation program to regain strength and flexibility in your neck and may refer you to a physiatrist a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. One factor that people sometimes overlook during recovery is that if they were inactive due to severe symptoms for a long period of time prior to surgery, they will need time to regain a general level of strength and conditioning.