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Hey I had decompression surgery on August 1st and I’m just wondering what is the average recovery time

So I’m in Conflict about my surgery I don’t know what I should do if I should get it done or try to manage my symptoms and there’s a very long list of symptoms but when the doctor talks about taking two vertebrae is out and doing the decompression surgery I’m scared to death I was diagnosed December 19th of 2016 with Chiari malformation type one with a 12 mm I am a full-time waitress at Waffle House with two beautiful boys to support and I don’t know what to do I can’t be out of work but at the same time I’m out of work because of this pain I’m in and I refuse to take pain medication I’ve been down that road I don’t want to go back just does anybody have any advice on what I should do I need somebody to talk to please

You are strong. You can do this.
I was out for 6 weeks. Can you take that off of work? Driving was the hardest because I couldn’t turn my head fast enough to look for cars while backing up. Light lifting. It’s easy to make those neck muscles angry after what they went through. Stay in shape and you’ll be back on your feet in a couple of months. I felt like it was worth it. It’s all personal though.

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I am back to normal activities, 4 1/2 months post op…

I am so scared you read so many bad things about surgery but thank you for the positive thoughts

I would just get the surgery. As soon as possible. If you are in pain now it will only get better after surgery. Crazy to torment yourself like this. You will need time off after surgery though. Lots here saying they take months off!!?? I am week 3 post op and have to go back week 4 as need the money. But I am in an office job. Best of luck to you