Surgery was a success

Dr B says th worst part is over...he did the decompression, durblsty c1 and c2 and was able to remove all of my tumor...I did have a mini stroke on Tursday but he is not concerned with vision is now doubled and my right side is messed up...I cant get out of bed or walk without help so I will be dicharged to rehab...they rae saying its because things need to settle down in there and because my optic nerve was stretched...He said my Chiari was one of the worst he ever seen...first 36 hrs were pure hell but now at least tolerable...thnks for all of the pryers and some of my symptoms arr already gone so I will go to rehab and continur to officially a zipperhead!

Praying for a quick recovery! So glad to hear from you! Good luck in rehab!

thoughts, prayers, hugs! Please keep us posted....

Emmaline said:

Rest and recover MJ!