Surgery tomorrow morning

Hi all!

I am having surgery first thing tomorrow morning. I haven’t been nervous until this morning. Can y’all please share your experiences? (Mostly the good ones, hah) what should I expect while I’m in the hospital? I’ll have my husband home with me when I get home, so I’m not to worried about that. What happened when you check in before your surgery? My pre-op nurse didn’t really explain anything to me.

Thank you!

Hi! I just had my surgery 1 week ago today! I cannot believe how good I feel. I won’t lie to you, I had a few bad moments the first few days after surgery. Mostly related to me being nauseated. Once they altered my meds everything began to calm down.

I was in icu for just over 24 hours and in a regular room for 2 nights. I spent the next night in a hotel and flew home the next day. Travel was fine for the most part. The hospital staff was outstanding.
The most difficult thing here at home is waking in the middle of the night to stay on my medicine schedule.
Was I nervous before? Yes!!! But I knew it was the right thing to be done and I had a great support system that went with me.

Good luck! And I will pray for you tomorrow to have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! :slight_smile:

I am scheduled for surgery the 18 of Feb so nothing on that but. I want to say God be with u and have a fast and painless recovery.

Hi! They usually take you through paperwork processing and will have you prepped for operation. You get IVs and the surgeon will come in to verify why you are there and to check on you. The anesthesiologist also came to talk to me. I had the pleasure of having surgery in a children's hospital as I was 17 at the time and they gave me "giggle juice" which was just liquid happy to relax me. When I had my surgery, my surgeon actually came looking for me in the hospital lobby as I was walking in because he was ready. They started anesthesia before they wheeled me back and then I woke up in my ICU hospital bed. I had a respiratory therapist come see me when I woke up, and a physical therapist the next day to have me start walking and moving. I spent three nights in the hospital and left after. Its nerve-wracking but try to stay focused on the end game of going home to recover. Good luck!

I am almost one month post-op (January 6th). I am not going to lie to you. The first 48 hour were horrible for me, but after that, I got a little better every day. When PT comes to your room - get up and walk! It may feel like a huge bowling ball is stuck on top of your neck, but moving around will be good for you. If you are like most of us, your appetite will be diminished, but try to get fluids down. Most of all - rest! You will be fine. So far, I do not regret having the decompression. God bless and stay strong!

I will say a prayer for you and your family. You will do great. Please let us know how you are doing as soon as you are able.


Good luck today!

I guess I saw this too late!

The first 2 days I have to be honest I hated and wished I had never done the surgery!

Mostly due to nausea and I couldn't pee from anesthesia. I was miserable. But, then I started to get a little better every day.

And the Arnicare helps a LOT!

I didn't have an appetite for a week or so. I ate jello and some soup etc...and then got a slight case of thrush on my tongue.

I ate yogurt and rinsed a few times with apple cider vinegar and water to get rid of it. It eventually went away on it's own.

Constipation was a bit of a problem and took Phillips Milk of Magnesia Caplets for that.

Be patient with appetite and dizziness and that swelling feeling in the head: it DOES get a little better every day.

And as everyone has said REST and do not bend over etc...all the stuff they tell you not to do is VERY important.

I had those throbbing headaches every time I would move from a still position: they would pound for a few seconds and then stop. But it was every time I moved! The arnicare gel helps the tight muscles relax a bit at least for me.

That stuff all calmed down after the magic 2 week mark. Some days are just worse than others and some days are way better!

I will be thinking of you today!!! Good vibes and prayers to you!

HUGS! :-)

My hospital experience was actually a good experience. I checked in, got changed into a heated gown, got the IV, got hooked up to the leads, met the anesthesiologist, then lights out! They did all the yuck stuff after I was asleep - the arterial IV, head shave, and Foley catheter. I woke up to some nausea, but no pain.

I know your nervous now, but tomorrow trust the process and just relax into it. Sleep sleep sleep. You will do wonderful! Please drop us a note when you feel up to it so we know you are ok.


Hi all! Thank you so much for all of the kind words! I just released from the hospital last night after some complications. I’m an doing well now, just waiting for my appetite and the pain in t neck to go away!

Thank y’all again! Ill update more when I can.

Wow that was quick so I’m assuming all went very well. My Dr told me like 2-3 days just in icu. I’m glad u got out so quick and a healthy and speedy recovery. That it reassuring to hear a few days in hospital then going hm

The hard part is only gets better from here...

Please keep us posted, I will keep you in my thoughts.

Glory to God! You made it through! He is a healer...get plenty of rest.

Sierra said:

Hi all! Thank you so much for all of the kind words! I just released from the hospital last night after some complications. I'm an doing well now, just waiting for my appetite and the pain in t neck to go away!

Thank y'all again! Ill update more when I can.