Surgery time

Found out my surgery date nexted friday it just got real but I’m so ready to get it over with hope everyone has a amazing and blessed thanksgiving

Yay! A ((hopeful)) end in sight to the madness that is daily life!! Will be saying prayers that you recover quickly and get to enjoy the next holidays!!

Thank u

It’s an unsettling feeling when you think you are going to go thru surgery but once it’s done you’ll be happy that you did it.

All the very best… Pray it goes well for you!

May I asks yall who have had the surgery does things feel different after

I had the surgery Sept 30 2011 and I fely different immediately. As soon as I woke up from surgery I knew something was different. It honestly was the best day of my life. After almost of 2 years of pain, it was weird to have no pain but such a relief. I was so fortunate and lucky that surgery was a success and that I knew instantly that I was better.

Thank u i been dealing with problems my hole life and never knew why until I found out about my chiari malformations mines 11 mm I’m so ready for friday

You’ll rock it!

I hope you're surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. My surgery is scheduled for this coming Friday also. Knowing you are having the procedure the same day comforts me somewhat. Knowing someone else is going thru the same thing at the same time and probably feeling some of the same things makes me feel like I won't be so alone.

I will definitely be praying for u Stephanie that all goes well and u have a speedy recovery how was your weekend

Stephanie and Elliot, prayers to both of you this Friday.


Thank yall so very very much and will let yall know it’s going by so slow just ready for friday to be here so tired of thinking about it

Thank you all so very much.

Elliott1104 how are you holding up? I went for preop yesterday and it all became very real. I know we will both be fine and I will send up prayers for you.