Surgery September 1st

I am finally having surgery Wednesday, September 1st! They will be doing decompression and also removing the middle of my top 2 vertebrae. I am so ready for some relief, but I am terrified. I’ve had several surgeries in my life, but nothing this serious. If anyone has any tips to ease my mind, I would be very. And also tips to deal with discomfort post-op would be great too! Thank you!

Hey Jodi,
This is neurosurgery and from my experience no two surgeries are the same. 2 people can have exactly the same surgery but have vastly differing outcomes. Some can come out the other side relatively unaffected and yet for some the issues can be ongoing. Even in my own situation where I’ve required multiple neurosurgeries, none of the outcomes have been the same.

The best advice I can give you is this: Be kind to yourself. Your body will give you signs, you just have to read and recognise those signs. When you body tells you to stop, you stop. When your body tells you to rest, you rest. I say this because I didn’t listen, I didn’t stop and in ignoring all of the signs I did myself a greater injury which has really screwed me up. Don’t do that. Listen to your own body, it will tell you but only if you listen. I’ll say it again, Be kind to yourself.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Hi Jo

Good luck…the best thing you would ever done…you could feel thevrelief straight away thought uou will have post surgery pain…but nothing to compare of what you are feeling right now. Make sure you monilise yourself after surgery *gently) also don’t EVER let any chiro/massage therapist to touch your neck or head (that is a NO…NO) stretching your L4 …your shoulder…or start doing yoga 30 days after decompression. May God bless and successful surgery.