Surgery is tomorrow!

We are all settled in our hotel room for the night! Have to check in for surgery at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I think the anxiety and nerves have set in, not only for me but my husband too. I think he is pacing more then I am!

Doubt I sleep much tonight and tomorrow will really stink! Register 3 hours before surgery time!

Wish me luck!

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it! We went the caring bridge route and my husband will update on there. So far it’s worked pretty good to keep everyone updated! If you would like to be added send me your email and I can send an invite with the password!

Beeba… Thank you so much for all your replies… You and Tracy and Donna and emmaline and so many others have been so very helpful through all this and it is greatly appreciated!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow,and checking the site for reports.A prayer will go up in the morning.

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers!!

Thinking of you!

Praying and thinking of you.