Suggestions to ER when pain gets THAT bad

I’m curious to see what my fellow Chiari sufferers have gone through at the ER or what they have received that has worked on their worst days.
I end up there at least twice a month on those off the scale I’d rather die than go through this pain days.
Demerol and phenergan worked great for me but they no longer carry it on the floor. They always want tomgive me Toradol which is like a Tylenol.
This is after they all stare at me and lookmat each other like I’m a drug seeker. I hate that feeling more than the pain most of all. I hate feeling like i have to defend myself…or that Chiari is unknown or not a legitimate health issue.
Anyone else affected by this “to go or not to go” or should i say “to suffer or not to suffer”…


That is so weird that the ER doesn't carry Demerol anymore...I agree, Toradol does nothing!!

I know how you feel ..these , so called medical professionals look at us like we are drug-seekers...

Here is just a suggestion, maybe you already checked it out..but anywho...before I had surgery my primary took care of my pain management....MS contin x2 daily, vicodin every 4 hrs for breakthrough, soma as needed for muscle spasms.

Before the MS contin I was taking Oxycontin, then the insurance wouldn't pay for that.but doc said MS Contin is just as strong...and indeed, it helped just as much as the other. I actually worked a pretty high stress, highly technical job when I first went on all these meds and there were no side effects other than constipation....sorry to say I had to leave my job b/c my eyes were off, hands numb know the drill.

As a matter of fact ..I felt as though from all my recent frequent falls and ER visits..I was afraid to step foot in there again...heck, they know me by 1st name basis...but I would get those looks...'How did you fall..AGAIN' thought was they were thinking I was just drug seeking.

So Monday nite(mind you I had been suffering for over a week with this Non -Chiari pain on my left side)..My poor husband drove me to a different hosptial..and there the ER doc actually knew about Chiari!! Shocking! They ended up giving me too much Dulaudid and Zofran that they had to give me Narcan...OMGosh..nightmare...what a h/a after that. Long story short..I was inpatient for 2 nights for infection..IV antibiotics ..and minimal pain meds after the fo-pa in the ER..hubby said it was bad...they couldn't get me to respond.

Sandy, sorry I went off about my experiences!!! If you can find yourself a good doctor that can manage your pain..thus keeping you out of the ER..You do not deserve to suffer!!!!!

Keep us posted.