.? Spinal fluid impingment

Has anyone with the cerebellum impenging SF , had MRI show protrusion of cerebellum into the pituitary? Just wondering, because I do & i have starting having symptoms that could be caused by the pituitary. And the docs just scratch their heads & say ," hey, maybe thats it", . One thing you can say about chiari is, it never gets boring.
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Sorry about my spelling ( impingement) lol.

Hi Renee…I have been having major probs with my pituitary for the last 3 years. Only last Nov did the say that my chiari may be affecting it…hence why the treatments I am getting for my pituitary are not working as well as they should. I am getting a review on the 1/3/12. I have no tumor on my pituitary but my prolactin levels where over 4000…they should be 150 to 250. With treatment…dostinex…I am now down to prolactin of about 1000 on average. I will let you know how I get on in the review. Google macro prolactinoma…I have hyper prolactinoma. Some of the side affects I have had are loss of body hair, production of breast milk, no periods, longer than average fingers and toes etc. Hoped this helps!

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Sorry, I do not have any info on that but Mariread gave some good input...Gotta Google what Mairead said..sounds interesting.

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Renee..you are so right..Chiari is never boring....sorry to say!!!