What? Are you serious?

No Chiari according to my neurosergeon (?). I had my second mri done and the results showed moderate low lying cerebellar tonsils. No mention of chiari. Csf flow is normal. I am so grateful to God. But, what is wrong with me. I’m constantly in severe pain in the back of my head. Neck is always sore. Left ear feels clogged and full. Started stuttering last week. Numb fingers especially in the morning. Stomach feels queezy. Dizzy when I stand. Something is wrong!!! The doc wants to send me to a nearologist to find out why my head hurts so bad. Maybe God healed me and my body didn’t get the memo. If that’s the case then thank you Lord for my healing. Have any of you ever received a report like this?


Cocoa- So sorry to hear your having problems with your NS. I know how frustrating it is to have symptoms like you do only to be dismissed by the Dr's. I had the same problem and ended up seeking a Chiari specialist in Royal Oak. I have only had my consultation appointment with her so far, but was impressed with how she treated me. She took time with me, and also took the time to show me what she found in my MRI's. What I was most impressed by was that she does not rely too heavily on what the reports say, she views the images herself and I was shocked to hear how much was not mentioned in the reports. If you are thinking about a second opinion, I could give you her name and contact info if your interested.


I see that you have gotten some great feedback...please keep us updated on how you are doing and how you are making out.

Hang in there.