Sorry for all the time between posts

I was just about to have surgery last time I posted. Surgery was set and preformed on December 13 2011. I had very little intake flow and all posterior flow was gone. Surgery went amazingly unfortunately in the recovery room I tested positive on a nose swab for MRSA. So in the icu over night on isolation. Throat was way sore so couldn’t really speak and ofcourse my neck was hurting so couldn’t turn my head. Everyone in the icu thought I was a perfect patient but in all honesty I couldn’t find the call button. I have never been in the icu or on a floor were I had to beg for pain meds. The nurse during the next day tried to clean all the blood up but she used that wash cloth like it was steal wool. She ripped an arterial line out that was being held in by stitches. The rest of that day and the next went smooth on the regular floor. Went home on the 15th. Recovery went really well at first except for being so nauseated that I wasn’t keeping anything but water down. On the 5th of Jan I was really weak and my head and neck were extremely swollen and sore. Had my little sister take me to the ER. My surgeon was out of town but they admitted me through his partner. He really did nothing but pain management and an MRI until my surgeon was back which was not in anyway good! I had an allergic reaction to the dissolvable stitches which opened a spot of the incision back open. That allowed staph to grow. Finally when my surgeon got back in town he did yet another surgery on the back of my head. Went back home on Jan 12 with iv antibiotics and my portacath accessed. Still nauseated Im still having a ton of trouble keeping stuff down and on top of that now antibiotic runs. Joy. I’m being visited by home health for bloodwork and changing dressing. During the changing of the huber connection into my port that took two different sterile placements and four different hubers she managed to get bacteria in my port. I began running horrible fevers. I’m talking 104.3. Did a stupid and refused to go to the ER that weekend because I knew my surgeon’s partner was the one on call and I was seeing him in office on Monday. Told him on Monday and they tested the fluid in the back of my head which was clear by that point. He decided to call back in infectious diseases which called me Wednesday Jan 18th forces me to head vacate the ER. They ran several blood tests but not any cultures from the port which my mom and I kept asking about. Admitted me once again. Started pushing fluids through my port even though they thought it was probably the source of the fevers. Finally listened to me late the next day and finally started an Iv and tested the port. Yep had to come out. Started three different antibiotics. Still on the antibiotics for the staph currently. They totally freaked me out when the general surgeon came in and took the port out bedside. Holy crap. So here comes pain meds I weaned myself off of quickly. Still not keeping anything down and on top of that being npo until dinner every night and fighting with dining service to order the whole 3 items on the whole menu that I could actually eat thanks to allergies. The communication between the staff and between doctor and doctor was not good in any way. Told me I’d go home Monday. Monday came and went. Tuesday morning I had orders to leave once I had a picc line placed. That happened and was still there. Turned out infectious diseases decided to keep
Me till all labs were back. That ment another day. Well we kinda griped and he came up and he had just seen the report. Finally 8pm on Jan 24 I got to go home. Was on two antibiotics. Ended one of them Tuesday and will have this first one until the 22nd. I do however have a very tender soft spot on the incision that feels like crepe paper. See my surgeon on Tuesday so I guess I’ll get it patched or something. Sorry I refuse to do anything normally. Lol thank you for listening.

Wow sorry you had to go through all of this. I truly hope all gets better and real soon for you.

Hi Katie....

Boy, you have been through so much. You seem to have a great attitude and sense of humor..God Bless you!!!!!!!

How are you feeeling today.?? Keep us posted. Thinking of you!



Katie....Hang in there...easier said than done...for SURE!!! But, I hope it help to know that we care and totally understand your frustration and pain.

In my prayers.


Hi Katie,

I too went through a lot post surgical & have an oblong hole in the back of my head. It is very sensitive and if is touched, can bring me to my knees. Not a fun sensation. Unfortunetly it has been there since my surgery on 9/26/2005. Everyone might have one I don't know. That's a good question to ask. Your posts are great....I agree with Lori, you have a great outlook on dealing with everything you have been through. Please know I am here if you need to talk or vent.

Wishing You Sunny Days and Feeling Wonderful,



I cannot believe the doctor expected you to wait til the 22nd!!!! I am happy that you are in contact with a home health agency..

Am I correct in thinking that the wound is now packed ???? How are you feeling ?? Please let us know.




Are you done with the anti biotics???