Sore ear

I’ve had a sore ear now for over a month been to the doctor a few times. Doctor just keeps telling me there’s no infection in the ear. I tried to explain to him it’s not inside my ear that’s sore it’s behind the ear drum that is sore but I feel like there not listen to me. I also went to the dentist about this to he said I could be grinding my teeth when I am sleeping. I have always did this when I am sleeping and had a sore ear on and off but the pain is not the same as it was before . Can anyone help me out to c what’s happen with my ear

when i was diagnosed back in April with CM1, that was one thing i had going on also, among many other things.... They also said i had no infection.. after my decompression surgery the pain wasn't as bad but i still feel pressure behind my left ear.

I no how ya feel I have a list of thing going on with me to. It never seem to end one thing after the other. I does feel like there’s a lot of pressure behind my left ear. I have an appointment tomorrow in the hospital so I am going to say to them about it x

I also had that same pain off and on for many years. And nothing I did would ease it. It took docs 17 years to diagnose me with cm. I am almost 4 months post op and the ear pain is gone. I still have plenty of other problems but am very happy to see an improvement in symptoms.

My own doctor told me its nothing to do with my CM.So when I c the other doctor tomorrow in the hospital I am going to ask him about my ear cause its starting to get worse x