So upset!

I sent my PCP a form to fill out so that I could get a Handicap Tag for my car so I could park closer to places I need to go because my legs are so painful and weak. I don't drive very much at all but I am okay to drive, it's just not my favorite thing to do. My husband drives most of the time and I thought we could use it when we go places together also.

I filled out my part of the form and sent it off to my PCP along with a stamped addressed envelope to send it to the Registry. My doctor is great so I didn't think I needed to check it or read it...I trusted her.

Now today I get a letter in the mail and they want me to send my license into the state. They have decided that I am not fit to drive!!

This is crazy! I only drive short distances for my kids and I haven't had an accident or a traffic ticket or anything for years! I don't know what to do. I don't know what the doctor put on the form. I don't know if it was her idea. This is going to be yet another burden on my husband. Now the state has some dominion over my life. I don't know how or if I can undo this. I am shocked, hurt mad ect..

Everything that Chiari has taken away from me and this is just one more thing. I have always been a rules person. I follow laws I have a deep sense of right and wrong. I don't lie, cheat or steal.I have never been in trouble with anyone for anything and now I have a huge target on my back and something that will follow me around.

I'm sorry. I'm spinning. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to get it back? I didn't even know this was a possibility. I would never have done it. Argghh!!

Your so right Becki, I hardly ever drive but's my choice and two....sometimes I need to pick my kids up from school, take my teenage girl shopping with just her mom ect..It's never a long way and it's never for a long time. Thank you

I would request a copy of the form the dr completed in your medical record to review what the dr submitted. Then I would call the dr to discuss whatever she wrote to the state, and let her know you lost your license. You should be able to appeal this with additional documentation from your doctor explaining that you are indeed capable of driving.


Thank you for the great advice. I am going to call first thing Monday morning and ask for the things you suggested. I can't believe that she did this and didn't say anything to me. My husband thinks it's a misunderstanding but it's not him that is losing MORE freedom. You would think if she didn't think I should drive she would tell me. This could be a deal breaker for me and and a really amazing doctor. I will never feel comfortable with her again. I had a PCP years ago that blew smoke up my butt for years before I was diagnosed and then when she was leaving the practice she sat down with me and told me what she really thought of me....hypercondriac, bored housewife, used doctors and therapists as a hobby ect... It took me years to get over it and this just brings it all back like a ton of bricks. I so wish this didn't happen on a Saturday. I will stew and worry all weekend. The reaccurring theme of doctors and therapist helping me in the beginning and then after awhile getting frustrated with me when I don't improve it is heart breaking. Maybe I am reading too much into this but this kind of stuff has happened to me more times than I can count. I wish it weren't a weekend. Thank you for the great advice and for listening.



Thank you. I am beside myself. I would never jepordize my kids by driving when I shouldn't. That's why I do it so frequently. I only do it when I have to and only when I feel okay. Thank you so much. You are really great.


Emmaline said:

Oh Wendy...I'd be ripping mad too! I would call your physician and absolutely request a copy of what she filled out. Who do you see on a regular basis? Her? Or your NS? My NS asked me if I wanted a tag for my car and I turned it down until I knew more how I would feel. But this is outrageous, and I hope it was a horrible mistake.

I'm so, so sorry this happened to you, it should not, and I hope you can get it straightened out. She needs to get on this and fix it! (((Hugs)))


I 100% agree with Adria!! I've had my placard for about a year, even though I rarely drive, I could not imagine having my licence taken away!! I had my PCP fill out my application with me then I mailed it in. Have you asked your PCP about an AFO and if Baclofen would help? Both have done wonders with the pain, numbness & weakness (I take 60mg a day). Since it's Monday night now, I hope you had a productive day getting this fixed :)

Emmaline, Abby, Montie,Adria, Becky and everyone else...

I didn't get a resolution today although I spoke to the State and the doctors office. The State says I need to get a doctor to undo it. They said any doctor can write a note saying I'm fit to drive. I don't know if that counts for the doctor that said I was unfit to drive or if she will change her mind. Her office said that faced with putting something in writing she was afraid that she would get sued if I got into an accident Still not sure if she knows that he actions led to me losing my license. So I have a message into her and I am going to speak to her tomorrow....hopefully. I have come around some since yesterday. I kind of understand that I put her in a situation that was uncomfortable. She never told me before or after that I shouldn't drive. Before this she has been incredible, so I am willing after my intial freak out to give her the benefit of the doubt. I have 30 days to resolve it so I feel a little better. I am not however going to stand for my license being revoked. Thank you all for your help and words of encouragement. I was upset but I also thought that others should know that this is possible. I had no idea before this.


Emmaline said:

Still thinking of you...let us know.

Oh my gosh, what a mess... I would be livid! I haven't been able to drive in almost two months, but my restriction is "until cleared by a neurosurgeon". Good luck, I hope things work out smoothly!

Katrina W.

Thank you everyone for your advice, comments and help. I spoke to my doctor today and it took quite a bit of convincing but I think she is going to sign another paper to okay me to drive. I don't have it yet but as of now she has agreed to sign off on it. She did it originally to cover herself legally and she didn't know I would lose my license. She said she thought she told me I shouldn't drive. I'm tired I haven't slept and felt sick for days over this. I'm just glad she listened to me, it could have been a huge mess and incoveniece. Wendy

That is great news. Sorry you had this worry that past few days.

I just wanted to tell everyone that was so kind and helpful to me (and everyone else that's interested) the conclusion to my license issue. My husband picked up a revised form from my doctor to send to registry .....clearing me to drive! And I got my handicapped placard in the mail today...Woo Hoo. I am so happy. It took a lot of phone calls and emails and sending info but my doctor listened to me and we came to a compromise so I can keep my license. She wants me only to drive when I have to and only if I feel okay to drive. Which is what I do already but I will give it more thought in the future. I'm just so happy she listened to me. I have never had this with a doctor before. Mutual respect. It only took 15 years. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. Thank you everyone for helping me and alowing me to vent. Being told to turn in my license was no joke.


That's great news! Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's going on. I'm so happy for you! :D

Katrina W.

I am so sorry! I know exactly how you feel! I am a very independent person also, and have had to sit back and depend on others to drive me around for 6months at a time…I am driving now…
Just keep thinking, GOD has a Reason for Everything! Even when we don’t know why!
Take care,

Great news.. and now you know you have a caring dr you can trust ... wonderful !!