Does anyone else smoke ciggs??? I finally signed up for this program the State of NY offers to quit date is next Mon ..Oct 4th...

I am a wreck just thinking about quitting..but i have to.

any suggestions to make this process ex-smokers out there!!!!

HELP.....I am already stressed and depressed enough...but , i gotta do it.

God Bless,
Love ,

Thanks Abby:

I quit once for 8 YEARS!!! What an idiot I was…under stress and was offered a cigg…took it…next day I bought a pack and haven’t stopped since(only when pregnant w/Julia)(and I sneaked a few!!)…

I am scared but I know I can do it …Pray for me, Abby…Many Thanks!!!

PS: Congrats on your quitting!!!

hi lori.

I SMOKE… when i went to hospital yesterday they gave me a scrip for patches, i know i should quit, but i use it as a vice, to get moving, or have breaks, im afraid also, and also weight gain,

have you read a book from allan carr, quit smoking, it is really good, i must pick it up and read it, ive known alot of people stop from the book,

but i will say, IF YOUR NOT READY, YOU WONT DO IT…

so prepair yourself, go for walks, drink water instead, get a stressmed spray and everytime you want one, spray it in your mouth, it will calm you,

i will get myself geared up to quit with you, i need a push to do it to,…

im proud of you for taking that step


I just got my packet from the New York State Smoke Free program…My quit date is Monday Oct 4th!!!

Hope you all are having a pain free day…or at least tolerable day.

God Bless,

goodon you lori,

im proud of you for taking that step,

you can do this,

Thanks Joelene!!!

Thanks Abby for your love and support…

Joelene…I got my patches yesterday!!! When is your quit date??? I am scared!!!

Thanks Abby!!!


YEAH lori

good that they have arrived,

how is your first morning going?

im sooooo proud, you are a NON SMOKER


its always scarey, im scared too, but you know you can do this, you are stronger than these smokes, everyday will get easier, in 48hrs, you will be nicotine free, it will be out of your body,

you have been brain washed that smoking, is good, you will still enjoy your meals and more so than when you smoked, you will taste things again, you wont stink, you wont be wasting all that precious time looking for your next puff,

relax take a deep breath,

Hi !! So far so good!!!
joelene hossack said:

YEAH lori

good that they have arrived,

how is your first morning going?

im sooooo proud, you are a NON SMOKER

Thanks so much ,Abby…It means so much to have all this support!!!

Abby said:

I am praying hard for you Lori, you can do it. I am proud of you my dear friend.

I am into my fifth month without a cig and definitely feel better. I used the nicotine patch and it made it much easier for me. However, I have quit in the past for several years at a time and always went back to smoking. Im hoping this time will be forever.

good on you, i knew you could do it, are you able to keep me informed, how your feeling, or to vent, daily would be great.

billy joe… thats great 5months,

looks like its my turn, im going to sort a quit date, and stick to it, my brother in law is a heavy smoker and has lung diease, he is 42, he will be luckly to make his 50th Bday, he want to quit so i want to quit with him, and support him, ive told him that after 6months we will treat ourselves, and do some motorsports, and race cars on a track, he very excited, so we are both trying to figure out a date,

lori… have you allowed some reward after a certain time?


Billy Joe…5 months…congrats!!! How are you feeling??? I am on day 2!!!

Joelene: I am so glad you are going to pick a quit date…Mine was on Carla’s birthday…yesterday…I picked it before I knew it was her b-day…now I can’t cheat…i will think of her!!LOL!!!
I am sorry about your B-in-law…
Are you going to use patches, meds, cold turkey??? I will keep you posted on my status!!!LOL…PRAY FOR ME!!!

God Bless you all,


ok its been a few days how are you feeling??

i got my patches, im still unsure, scared i guess, i want to quit before i go under the knife again, lol,
i think about you all the time,
i still havet heard from B law, hey he has to want to do it, no one can force him,

are you finding it easier?

i do plan to give it up, im slowly finding the strength, thankyou abby

Abby said:

We are praying for you and are here for you.


Update here…I had a slip or whatever you call it…i smoked …but …i did not go back to smoking if that makes sense.???

I tore the patch off…hid behind the rose bush in our backyard…scrouched down and smoked a cigarette!..It that insane or what??? going on 49 yrs old…I had to go through an entire ordeal to have 1 freakin’ smoke…that didn’t even taste good!! Bad thing is.don’t really feel all that guilty about it…after I smoked I went in, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, gargled and washed up…I went with my day…isn’t this insane???

The patches are defective, I swear!! No…it is me…I am weak…but I will not give up from a few slips…

Billie Joe and Abby: Did you ever slip ??? any helpful hints on how not to lose my mind???

God Bless you all,


what i funny vision, when i quit the first time i sneaked a couple of smokes, but i managed to quit for 5months,
you shouldnt feel guilty, its just what you have to go though to quit once and for all, its not easy, so hey give yourself a break, just try again,
i now have to get myself ready to quit, and i know im not going to be perfect, but im going to give it my best shot, even if it takes me a yr to do it,

thankyou so much for being true and telling us you had a sneaky, im still proud of you, its giving me strength to quit also,


I am ready to quit but there is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other!!! I am ready to lose my mind!!!

I feel like a loser…I smoke 3 cigs yesterday…all hidden from my girls thank God…Julia (10) is "proud’ of me…Victoria (13) could really give a hoot…as far as I know…all consumed with her social life !!!LOL…

My nerves are on edge and I am wondering if this is the best time…considering I am currently changing meds. but there is NEVER a good time…go I keep on keepin’ on…things are bound to be improving these days!!!

Thanks for being here , everyone!!!