there was research done and with smoking, they find that people who suffer from any phyiscal problems, found it much more harder to quit then people who had nothing wrong,
when you smoke it tells your brain that you are rewarding yourself, so its harder to quit, your brain is looking for the reward and not getting it,

it might take you 1yr of stopping and starting before you give up for life, dont beat yourself up, there is no right or wrong way to do this,

maybe changing meds isnt the best time to quit, i will agree with that, your body is under stress already, you might be causing more problems at this point of time,

its not worth beating yourself up about it, buy yourself a packet put your patches away and start another quit date, i have faith in you, but you have to want to do it,

I’m only 20 and I’m scared to quit as I’m so stressed… I’m just sick of Doctors using smoking against you…

Ahhh I will quit one day am just not ready yet, but if you feel ready DO IT!!!

I was out the other day and needed a ligher I asked about 10ppl for a lighter and nobody smokes anymore. In 10years nobody will be smoking. Such a horrible addiction but yet I love a smoke :|… lol!!

Good Luck :)!!


Hey Lexi:

I must admit at I am not 100% nicotine free…been sneaking a few here and there!! I know I need to completely stop…but right now…this is what i can do!!!

i agree i love smoking too

but i know i need to stop for health reasons but then, im not healthy and normal, and the way i feel most of the time i dont think smoking would make that worse,

but husband is disagreeing with me as i type this, lol

i give up on it husband and me agueing with me,
so got to go

Well gang…I am the weakest link!!! I got BUSTED!!! trying to sneak a smoke w/coffee early this …and Julia decides it is time to get up!!! “I SMELL SMOKE”…We we on the freakin’porch!!LOL she is trying to tell us she could smell it all the way upstairs!!!

I feel awful, that Jules has lost faith in us…tried to tell her it was a ‘slip up’…she is still mad…don’t blame her.

but this may sound like a cop out…maybe it is…but smoking seems to lessen the pain a bit or maybe it is just the calming effect if has on me…i don’t know…but I will not let this one cig stop me from trying harder…

There have been other ‘slips’ during this process…I don’t want you guys to think i am doing all that great!!!

oh lori

i think you are doing great any way,
give yourself a break, stop beating up on yourself,

its a hard thing to do, but a you are trying, you cant ask for more than that,


Thanks everyone for your support and understanding…today…I feel like a failure at everything!!!

Stop bringing yourself down with your words!
People tend to slip up the fist time they try and give up... You will do it when the time comes.
You just have to think positive, and think so what if I had this smoke doesn't mean I am a failure.
Look you are not the weakest link seeing as I am having a smoke as I type this :| oops!!

You are not a failure..... :)!!

Cheer up chick :)

im with abby

i couldnt of said it any better,

Thank you Abby and Joelene!!!