Site i wanted to add

hey everyone here is a site that may give some of you some great information.

Thank you for posting this:) The video at the bottom of the page features Dr. Ellenbogen, which is going to be my doctor. He requested that I get a CINE MRI before I go to see him. So, that’s what I’m working on now. Thanks again for sharing.


I luv that site!!! I enjoy watching the physician lecture videos!!! It’s amazing how these groups of doctors seem to have so much figured out about chiari and related disorders and pain BUT the rest of the Docs don’t

maybe Lori or whoever is the gate keeper can post it at the top somewhere so its easily accessible for furture reference(s)

I posted it on the Resource page:) Thanks for sharing! It is full of great info!!


Thanks, Lisa :)

Great site, been going there for a while. The Physician videos/presentations are great to watch.