Shocked at Dr.s response to sleep study

so, in the course of every test under the sun, my cardiologist ordered a sleep study last December. The "Sleep Study doctor" (that's what he was called - I know...weird) called me with the results. He told me there were several apnea events and that a CPAP would probably help me....but, since it was so "borderline" that NO insurance company would pay for a cpap. He then suggested I have my dentist make me a device to push my chin out so I could breathe better (and it would be cheaper than buying a cpap). I asked a lot of questions, but the guy was fairly cocky and it got to the point that I was done talking to him because he wasn't answering me anyway.

Fast forward. I have an appt with a NS on Thursday and thought my sleep study results should probably go with me, so I had the office fax over the results. Yesterday was the first time I saw them, and I was shocked.

I had NO obstructive events...they were ALL Central REM and NREM events. First of all, dont ya think he should have mentioned that, or found that odd, that all my apnea events were brain related???? Really? Am I off and wrong to be so shocked with the results and his reaction to them? Also, why in the world would a dental device help if my events aren't even obstructive??

I am curious about your thoughts and if this is just another piece of my puzzle to take to the NS on Thursday.


Sleep doctors don't always know everything that's going on with us. I think they're just so focused on how "bad" you're sleeping that they don't connect it with other issues. I have pretty severe sleep apnea (combo of obstructive and neurological - not one minute of the night goes by without an episode). My CPAP does WONDERS for my sleep. I'm still exhausted through the day but not as badly as before the CPAP.

He probably should have told you what type of sleep apnea yours was. I'm no longer surprised by doctor incompetence though

Good luck!
Katrina W.

I'm just excited that you get into the NS on Thursday.


So I hope I don’t get in trouble here by stating this, but I have found that most sleep studies whined up having to be called in for a appt for a CPAP. I believe that the field of sleep medicine is so new that not all the rules have been ironed out. Also do you know if the lab you went to was accredited? If not the they can usually play by their own rules. I have a sleep degree but I don’t work in that field.