I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing seizures as a symptom of their chiari? I’m not experiencing the tonic clonic seizures but it’s scary none the less. I am concerned because I have not been able to find any research that lists seizures as being associated with this condition. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I did have seizures before my surgery. They did attribute them to the Chiari. In fact it is the seizures that brought them to find my Chiari. I was in Canada and had a bad seizure. I had a CT up there and they found nothing. When I got home they did a MRI on my brain and found Chiari, then did a neck MRI finding that I had 4 cysts in my brain stem, and they were blocking about 95% of my nerves. By doing the surgery, I have not had any known seizures since. I only started having seizures in the last 5 to 6 months, which suggests the increase to the size of the cysts created the problem. Now the cysts have almost disappeared and I am feeling 10000% better. The cysts were a result from the Chiari.

Thank you so much for the info. The only MRI I have had done so far was just of my brain. If my neurologist doesnt recommend it first, I will definitely be asking for them to check my entire spine out. Better safe than sorry!

Hello my daughter had 2 seizures and that was how they actually came to diagnose her with chiari after doing an mri…hope I was some help to you