Second Opinions

Hi! I'm a newbie here, but have a question, if anyone can answer please. I've had numerous pain shots b4 CM Level 1 was discovered and also referred to a Neurologist whom I saw initially. Then through, what seemed like miraculous events, I've spoken to a patient of Dr Frim in Chicago. I've seen sites online that place him pretty high as an expert on CM and this patient had good results. I see him for my first consultation Dec 8th. My question is: Do you think I need another opinion after seeing him? I really wasn't planning on it because he comes so highly recommended, one of the best. I'm in so much pain sitting and standing in waiting rooms. I have a nurse who is pushing me to get another opinion because she has seen horror stories and had a friend w/a bad experience w/a different surgeon-NOT Frim. What do y'all recommend? I just want to get this done. I've done a lot of research, including on this Dr and hospital and surgery could be soon after the consult. We're hoping so-our deductible goes back up after Jan.

Dr. Heffez in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a Chiari Specialist. You can try him for a second opinion. Just Google him and his clinic will pop up. He does many Chiari surgeries and he is very nice. Maybe, he could fit you in when your on your way to or from Chicago. Take care.

Sherry, I saw 3 NS for their opinions. I knew after meeting Dr Oro he was the one to do my surgery.
I think you will know after your appointment whether or not you need a second opinion.

Good luck,

Sherry many opinions are better than one :) You just need to find one that can answer ALL your questions. Is the pain you experience from headaches or does your body hurt you? Good Luck with your appt on the 8th.

i agree i think you know when the doctor is the right fit for you....or if hes not and you should look more for another wishes..