I really try hard not to complain at all but I am having a lot of pain and throbbing around my incision site which kept me up most of the night. It even hurts to move my head. Any one have issues like this months after surgery??

Abby, I haven't seen my doctor since my 6 week post-op check up. Getting his nurse on the phone or a phone call back is next to impossible. The fact he is several hours from me doesn't help to just show up and hope they fit me in. I went to an Urgent Care here when I had a fever a couple of weeks after my surgery and they did not even want to see me after I told them I had brain surgery for Chiari Malformation. They told me to go see my Neurosurgeon. I was like "seriously?"

I have been doing great with very little pain at all. I am not sure if I am getting a cold or a sinus infection and it is causing some change in pressure which is causing more pain. I didn't know if anyone still experienced painful days and if getting any kind of virus made them feel worse. I know it did before my surgery but I was kind of hoping once I had the surgery it wouldn't.

Hi Dawn...

So sorry you are having such pain...I did have a lot of pain from the incision site for many, many months after the operation.

My concern for you is that is there an infection brewing, CSF leak??? I think..just my 2 should call your NS again..this is nothing to ignore.

Good luck and keep us posted..also, today is don't want this to go ignored by NS ...b/c the w/e is coming and forget help over the w/e.



Follow what the lovely ladies said above. Your NS is the best person to contact and leave them multiple messages if you have to!



hello Dawn I think we might be in the same boat as far as the DR nurse calling back. lol i had to get therapy to work out all the tension in my neck, i feel much better. as faras my pain the nurse told me to contact pain management clinic because there was niothing else they could or give me right now.