Question about size of herniation

I have a question for all Chiarians. How is the size of your herniation determined? I was looking over my MRI films last night on my pc and I couldnt find anywhere where it would state the size of the herniation. I dont see Neuro until the 19th of November.And also a CINE MRI that is to measure the amount of spinal cord fluid you are producing correct? And should I ask my pain management doctor to send me for a CINE MRI before I go to Neuro? And what is the difference between a regular MRI and a CINE MRI? Thank you all in advance for your help and imput. This is all new to me. I read somewhere that a 6mm herniation or more determines if it is a Chiari Malformation I. It does not list anywhere the size of my herniation not on the disk or on the actual radiology report. Just says low lying cerebullar Tonsils consistent with Chiari Malformation I. I am so thankful for all of you. I am scared to death. Im scared to have surgery to not have surgery.What happens if surgery is recommended and I decide not to have it? Am I signing my own death certificate so to speak? I have 99% of the symptoms now and have had them slowly appear since 1996 when I was in a bad accident resulting in a head injury. First symptom after the accident was a blown pupil in my right eye for 2 yrs straight following the accident I had MRIs of the brain every 2 months. Opthomologist was looking for MS. I found out recently I have 7 first cousins on my fathers side that have MS. Any help and imput would be greatly appreciated

Was your father in Vietnam? This disease comes from Dioxins. Just wondering where you got yours from? And if you have it it travels 7 generation lineage. I have a 8 year old grandson who wears a diaper to bed,can’t speak. His baby brother was born with a hole in the roof of his mouth. If u would have known this previously, i would have never had children. The ultimately saddest thing was my sister’s 2 year old, sweet baby, had depression. I’ll be praying for you.