Cine MRI

Does a Cine MRI need to be done in addtion to an MRI to determine if a Chiari Type 1 Malformation is just "incidental"? My MRI shows a 5mm herniation but the neurologist said it was "incidental" because there appeared to be plenty of room on the MRI. Many thanks in advance for your opinion. :-)

I was wondering the same thing, a ns just disregaurded all of my symptoms and only acknowledged the herniated disc on my neck as the cause of my headaches.


My understanding of the cine is that it is done just like a 'regular' is over-seen by a radiologist.

I just called my primary care doctor and left a message for a call back to discuss my appt. with the neurologist. I'm planning on pressing for a CINE MRI because from all I have read, this seems to be the only thing that will put my mind at ease. Today is pick to the left eye....fatigue...blurred vision out of my left eye. I just have to keep pushing foward!! My call back isn't expected until tonight. I'll keep everyone posted!! Thanks for the support and comments!