Question about post decompressive surgery

Hi everyone, in the beginning of this coming January, I'm getting decompressive surgery. I have question. With them removing part of the back of my skull, how vulnerable will the head be after I recover considering I have a piece of the skull missing? like what would happen If I accidently bumped the back of my head on something, or getting a whiplash from riding in a car, etc.. I'm just wondering if my head would be more vulnerable.

My NS told me that it's really not that dangerous because what he is really doing is making the opening the size it was supposed to be naturally. Not to mention that your neck muscles are extremely thick and provide a lot of protection for your skull. So yes you do need to be slightly more careful than the someone who did not have surgery because you neck might not be as stable, but it's not like walking around with your brain exposed in the back or anything!

Tom, are they going to put a metal plate on?