Question about daily symptoms

Hi all,

I had decompression surgery july 2014, since then its been an ongoing battle. For whatever reason, alka seltzer tablets seem to help calm my symptoms to allow me to get through the day within reason.

I still suffer from headaches, tingling/numbness of arms from hands to elbow and the same in my knees to my feet. Often, my legs get wobbly and feel like jelly and I have trouble walking. Along with other assorted symptoms as well

This past week has been HELL and honestly, it would really help my state of mind to know if there are others out there experiencing the same daily symptoms as i do? (I am sure there are plenty suffering like me........)

Please, if you have the time. I would really appreciate a response. Friends and family can only help so much........other people have ZERO idea what we go through just to make it through a day, it stinks!

I thank you for reading this and also for any responses


Hello there, sorry to here you are still having trouble. I myself had my decompression 9/30/14. Like you I am still having difficulties. I just take it one day at a time as symptoms can be different each day. I am however dealing with extreme tiredness daily even after hours of sleep. I am still in physical therapy and taking pain medication daily but things do seem to be better. I hope this helps to know your not alone my thoughts and prayers go out to you. God bless

Sorry o hear you are struggling! Yes you’re right others of us do struggle daily. I feel your same pains with numbness and tingling. I wish I could say things get better in time but for me things continue to worsen. My depression takes over at times and I cry making things worse. I see a psychologist but i just have to make a decision daily that God gave me this life for a reason and I may struggle but I am here and I need to make the best of it. I try to volunteer whenever I can so I get the feeling of fulfillment and hope to make a difference. Even if its small and only 1-2 a month

Thank you Racingbutterfly and Hailey ( I have an 11 year old niece named Hailey :)

We are def in a battle here. Its good to hear from others who are going through it each and every day as well. Others who dont have this condition can never truly understand the hell we go through each day, and how much it takes to get through a day. The odd this is that, at some points during the day, i feel fine (maybe for like a half hour here or there) and then boom! I feel like garbage.

I am curious. Have your doctors told you that this might possibly go away some day? Or get more tolerable? I have seen way too many doctors over the past few years, and i found one who said he would be blunt with me. He told me I have permanent nerve damage from the chiari and will never go away. Only hope is to take meds to make it more tolerable.

Its rough to think that nothing can be done. I am curious to know if you have heard anything more encouraging from your doctors?

Thank you

Shane :)

Hi Shane,

My name is Carol and I'm so glad you mentioned the Alka seltzer idea, I take Dramamine which relaxes my spine and head pressure, it's almost like a Adivan; and yes it gets me through the day also. I had the same surgery you had Oct 18 2012 and I'm experiencing the relapse already. So I have headaches that come anytime with no worming, tingling/numbness arms and hands to the elbow. Oh yes my legs feel like jello when I walk after sitting for too long. I have such nerve damage on the right side, so typing this is difficult. You're not the only one with your symptoms and I'm very appreciative of this site otherwise we would all think we're nuts seeing that the docs don't know much.

Have a good week and hang in there! Carol