Question about after surgery care

So I had my decompression surgery on June 17 of this year. My post-op appointment went well and the doctor said I was doing really good. Then told me that they didn't need to see me again. I found this a little strange. For the people who have this surgery, did your doctor have visits with you more the once and did the do a follow up MRI?

I only had 1 follow up appointment that included an MRI and a visit with the NS. He released me to go back to work at that time as well. They told me to makes sure I called with any questions or concerns.

I have called them to discuss some new issues that have recently began again and they will quite likely be ordering another MRI to check things out. An actual visit is difficult because I had to travel quite a distance for surgery. SO we will see what happens next...

Good luck to you! Are you doing well since surgery? Hopefully things will go se well and you won't need to be seen by your NS again. Fingers crossed!!!

Dannierae, glad you are doing good! I think everybody should have a post op MRI as a new baseline. As for the appointments- unless something starts to go wrong, I think most of us dont see the NS again after the single post op appointment. :slight_smile:


I had an appointment a month after surgery to check on my incision healing. I had another at around 3 months just with the doctor and no imaging. Then a follow-up CINE MRI and a visit with my NS at 8 months post-op. Since everything looked good and I wasn't having any issues he released me from his care. Of course I can contact him at anytime with any questions or concerns.

I had my surgery in June 19. I had a follow up ten days later and then my next scheduled follow up was for August 8. At that time he would set me up for PT or anything else I needed. He was not planning to release me to work until the middle of September. Of course, I’ve now had the CSF leak surgery and he saying minimum of October 1 before being released for work.
The idea of the surgeon saying see ya, kinda scares me.