Probably TMI - Adult issue

Sorry about the title I just wanted to let people stay away if they wanted.

I have been realizing in the last few months that I have been getting headaches after orgasms. They have been getting worse and staying longer. I am trying to figure out a couple things...

1- Is this something that happens to anyone else?

2- if so, has anyone figured out something that helps?

Now that you mention it... During sex the other night before climax I got weird sensations toward the top back of my head. I'm sure it has something to do with whatever I have.

Please know a lot of people have headaches after sexual activities. There had been several posts in the past few months about this. It also happens to me the the point I feel like I have been hit in my Frontal Lobe with a Hammer. I was told by my NS it is common. I try & take headache medication if I know before hand, but that is not always possible. I read CM headaches are caused by the ratio of blood being pumped into your brain & CSF. When the ratio is off we get headaches. Do you get headaches with other physical situations?

I've definitely read that this can be associated with CM. It was featured on a series recently called "Strange Sex" on TLC. I have not seen the episode but I can tell you that it might be "on demand" right now since it just aired ... season 3, episode 2.