Primary Care Doctor Visit

This morning I am going to see my family doctor to bring him up to date with what has been going on with me. I am going to be showing him my MRI report. He’s a great doctor, I’ve been seeing him since 1990. I am not sure what he knows about Chiari Malformation, but I will be letting him know all the symptoms I have had for the past year. He is actually the doctor that told me I needed to see a neurologist. I can’t believe that I am actually excited about seeing a doctor!! lol


I just got back from seeing my primary care doctor. He reviewed my MRI report and he felt that there wasn't anything major to worry about. He did agree that the original neurologist that I was seeing was lacking and was glad that I had an appointment with a new neurologist. He also told me that he was familiar with my new neuro and after I meet with him, if I had any questions that were not addressed to call him and he would speak to my new neuro. My primary doctor feels that I need a complete neurological work up because there were several things on my MRI. So for now, I will just count the days until my March 9th appointment and hope that my new neuro will be a good fit for me.

I know my primary doctor is not an expert in the field of neurology so I am still stressing. But life goes on!! LOL

I hope you have a nice day, we got another snow storm, and I am not one who likes snow!! lol


It's funny you say that. As my husband and I were driving home from my doctor visit (my husband was in the exam room with me) he asked me if I felt any better about what my doctor said. I told my husband, no, not really. The reasons were the exact reasons you just wrote.

The other issues with my MRI are:

Subtle changes of demyelinating disease would be difficult to exclude

On the right there is subtle increased signal anterior to the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle. This may be subtle are of temporal sclerosis

I will be seeing my Neurologist March 9th. I started a diary of daily symptoms, I've already completed their packet they sent me. I will be faxing my MRI over to them tomorrow.

I really appreciate your words of wisdom. I would be completely lost without the site!! Great people and great information!!