Posterior fossa decompression and Craniocervical Fusion

Has anyone had a combined PFD/CCF? Getting a bit scared about the recovery. Haven’t really discussed collar and how long will need. Surgery is Wednesday and anxiety is at all time high.

Well I guess no advice…headed to surgery soon…

I’ve had decompression surgery. Not CF. I had mine June 2.
Worst thing about having surgery was having to drink this “nutrient laden” drink every day for 5 days prior to surgery, which tasted ghastly!!! Also having to breathe into my breathing apparatus to build up my lung capacity was a pain. I didn’t do the solution to wash yourself off with except once cause I got a rash from that. Day of surgery, you get there real early and wait around and they put an IV in your arm and you watch TV. The resident and anesthesiologist come and talk to you. Never actually saw my Doctor, just residents. I like to drill them with questions, which I prepped for. Then you go back to surgery and they put the lights out drug in your IV and you wake up 6 hours later in ICU recovery.

Five hour surgery, 4 1/2 days in hospital. I was extremely “effusively Thankful” to everyone who came to visit me and brought candy or flowers. It’s a weird side effect of the painkillers. Pain wasn’t too bad- you have a nice push button in your hand and press it whenever the light goes off. Makes you very comfy. I had to keep asking for Ice Packs for my head- would think they would keep those in a cooler next to my bed!! I kept getting in trouble for sitting up and hanging my legs over the side of the bed as the alarm went off and I wasn’t allowed to get up without a nurse. It really annoyed them!! After about 2 days, they take out the foley catheter and you get to try to pee. It is extremely hard to get it to start back up!!! After I could walk a little (with walker) I got to take a shower!!! And put on real clothes!!

Initially didn’t eat very well as my throat was real sore from having the intertrachial tube stuck down it. Had to get meds for puking! The highlight of the week was the big piece of chocolate cake toward the end!!

No problems after surgery except waiting for system to get back to normal, strengthening muscles for walking, etc. Pain wasn’t that bad and ice pack on incision helps. Biggest problem I had was nausea after I got home. Had to take a dissolvable pill to prevent throwing up any food. Felt pretty low then, but it takes a little while to recuperate. I actually missed the hospital where there was someone at my beck and call whenever I tried to get up. After three weeks, was able to get on a plane and go to a wedding in Colorado. (Although the effort of getting around the airport was miserable, did pretty well otherwise).

My best tip for handling the anxiety is to research everything and watch videos of surgery so you know what they will be doing. That really helped me so I knew what they were talking about.


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