Post Something Positive Here Each Day

Please tell me AT LEAST one POSITIVE thing that occurred during the course of your day(or night).
It can be an action or event, a thought, emotion, or a sight, smell, taste, sound or physical sensation. ONLY POSITIVES, NO negatives.

Nothing is too trivial and feel free to add more positive things as they happen.
Ally/Allergic, Member on Living With Fibro

My husband got me a chocolate malt. He continues to demonstrate consistent love and support. He is an incredible teacher to me.

Peace, Bri

A long hot bath helped to ease some of the winter aches and pains!

I got to play with two puppies outside of a Starbucks today. Heavenly. One a Corgi, the other a King Cav. Total loves. :slight_smile:

1) I think I can say now my sleep is pretty much fixed. :) I was on sleeping pills for maybe 2 months and haven't used them now for about 2 weeks. Now, when I fall asleep, I stay asleep! This spares so much stress and pain!

2) It snowed today for the first time this winter and it was beautiful.