Hi all, I was thinking about sleep and was thinking about how before chiari i was able to wake up early (5-6am) and stay awake the whole day, and realized the last 3 days i have once again been able to do just that, and i have to admit it feels amazing!

Its like a spark on life or well not exactly sure how to explain it other then I am amazed and i feel maybe some of the old me is finally beginning to come back from its almost 3 yr vacation, Either that or because the air pressure has been going down it had made the biggest difference in the world.

Especially with knowing just a few weeks ago I would wake go to the bathroom and go right back to bed and i could sleep til 9 or 10 in the morning...AND...require at least 1 nap in the afternoons.

But anyway it was just something i realized and a trend i hope continues.

I know we all have some sort of sleep issues. And was just thinking WOW how cool!! :)

~ Have a great day all


Thats good!

I have to worst trouble getting up. I work second shift so I don't go to bed until around 1-2am. Then I sleep all day. I get up around 12ish. Honestly if it wasn't for work I think I could sleep all day. I almost physically can't get up and out of bed. I'm trying to figure this out because I never used to be like that. It used to be that once I woke up, I was up. I couldn't fall back to sleep. Not anymore.

I don't know if it has anything to do with me smoking or not. Really trying to quit!! Hoping it helps!


up to a few days ago, i would get up at whatever time and it would take me atleast 6 hrs from that time to get motiviated. i couldnt believe how long it would take me to get there..people knew not to ask me to go anywhere with them before noon, it just wasnt going to happen....

Hey Lisa,

I am so happy for has to be a great feeling both physically and mentally, right??

I personally, can get up in the takes me quite some time to get going...I don't know if I can blame it on Chiari or just that I am getting older!!LOL..hey pushing 50...where did the time go??

Anyway, I remember before I became symptomatic I would jump right out of bed, get things done..chop, chop..go to the gym, go to problem....Now a days..I get up and do the best I can.

Glad you are doing so well!!



That is fantastic! I know the first few times that I was able to stay awake all day I thought it was absolutely amazing! It felt so incredibly good. I can totally relate to what you are saying. I do not have these types of days everyday, but I do have them several times a week now as opposed to taking a 3 hour nap everyday! I still nap and would like to most days. I have to force myself to stay awake sometimes. I do sleep better at night now that I am on Ambien and got a sleep number bed! Its really great:) I hope that this trend continues for you and glad that you are feeling okay! That is great news! Thanks for sharing your good days with us:)