Post op questions

Had my surgery about 2 months ago I’m happy with it completely headache are gone, but was wa.derringer if anyone else has vision/focus problems after there surgery, anytime I do something other than sit its hard to focus feels like world moving back n forth its weird. Also nerve twitches in an arm, whenever I carry something and walk my left arm will get like a jolt or twitch whenever my foot hits ground.

Remember that you are still recovering. It takes about a year for our nerves to repair so that might be why you get the twitching and jolts in your limbs. Make sure you mention it to your doctor. There is medication you can take such as Neurontin or Lyrica that can really help with these symptoms. I also think the vision issues are normal after this type of surgery. My doctor explained to me that the fluid flow is now correct and the pressure behind my eyess is now different, causing differences in my vision. These symptoms seemed to lessen as my recovery went on. Be patient, you are doing great!