Post op problem , is it chiari related?

Hi all, i'm hoping somebody will be able to help me. Just returned from hospital after a a ten day stay. Iam just seven months post decompression surgery and since, may of this year i have had problems with my breathing and fitness level....shocking to say the least!

really not found any reason for this sudden breathlessness , blood pressure spiking and heart rate at 100 beats plus a minute. Anybody else experienced this? tests back not really shown anything to be the cause of this. could it still be related to the chiari ?

I have the exact same thing! I have always been active my whole life as I am in the Navy and have to pass physical fitness tests but ever since my decompression Jan of 2019 I have not been able to breathe on exertion and pulmonary says all my tests are normal but I do have a fast heartbeat. Have you found anything out?