Post op month 3

Continuing the discussion from Post-op Experience Day 10:

Well I’m 3 months post op today!! It hasn’t been an easy three months but Im hoping the worst is behind me. On about week three I became really sick with headaches and constant vomiting! I had to be rushed back to Dallas to the hospital where they diagnosed me with Septic Meningitis. I was treated with steroids and stayed for 8 days. I am feeling really well just having a hard time getting my strength and momentum back. Stared back to work yesterday at part time for 6 weeks then I will return to full time.
I am experiencing lots of issues with my scar and surrounding area. itching
and pain to the touch. Still hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Love to all!

Hi Renne

Scar sensitivity is no fun! Here is a post on scar management Scar Management. Can be slow going but works tremendously well. I do not how surgeons and their staff can ethically get away without educating patients on this!

You may also want to check out myofascial triggers in a book called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. It is a cheap book on Amazon. There are a number of trigger points in different muscles that refer pain to the back of the head.

Both of these treatments require knowledge, work on your part, time, perseverance, and creativity at times. One attempt resulting in a flare-up does not count as a good try! Be responsible.

It is possible to find a qualified physical therapist who deals with scar management of any sort (Chiarians are not the only ones with this problem!).

Please ask any questions and be sure to post your results!