Possible headache solution

I had previously had severe headaches that would almost be constant. I tried lots of medications and none of them even began to work. I had seen that the daith piercing could help w/ migraines. So I got the piercing and started running as well to try to help. After about one month the headaches started to be less intense and less lengthy. It’s been about 2 months now and I occasionally have headaches now and it is much easier to function during daily life. I hope this helps anyone else that struggled or struggles with the same problem. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing that the improvement in your headaches is more likely due to lifestyle changes such as running. I got the daith piercing a few years ago myself. I did research on it, and did see that most of the information I could find was not research based.

Long story short, I ultimately decided to get the piercing because it looked cool. It did absolutely nothing to help with migraines, but I like the look so I’m happy with it.


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