Please Dont assume everything is Chiari related

I have been reading all your post , vomiting for days , headaches lasting 10 days WHAT??????

These are not normal symptoms ... sure chiari causes headaches but so can other things.... A friend of mine had hip pain for weeks saying oh its the chiari just something I have to put up with , I begged and begged for her to go to the dr. but she wouldn't until the ambulance was called and her appendix brust inside her and she almost died.....So folks please please if you have a new symptom for longer than 5- 7 days get to the dr......... I was in the dr s office almost ever other day with things going on... you have to stay ontop of things...Please don't suffer get help . thanks Roz

Excellent advice here.

Here's a related video by Dr. Oro lecturing about similar other things to CM:

Dr. Oro, Other DX:

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