Pilonidal Cyst (Sacral Dimple)

My twin sister and I both have problems with a pilonidal cyst she's been DX with Chiari 1, and has had the surgery for the pilonidal, however I have not I dont really have any problems with them they open on their own, but I was wondering if anyone else with Chiari has had these? Doing some research I found out that the sacral area is connected through the spine which is the same system affected by Chiari.

I have not been tested for Chiari yet but I'm the first one who had a cyst then later my sister started to get them, since we're identical twins my guess was that it was genetic. After doing some digging on my own Ive found a lot of dots that are starting to add up and I just wanted to get some feedback on this topic to confirm it.

yea my sister was tested for TCS and she doesnt have it, but for the longest time I had problems sitting i thought I had bruised my tailbone and would have problems with it for a week then it would go away then when I was about 15 it developed into a cyst so bad to the point i couldnt stand up straight and basically lived in the bathtub.....after my sister started getting them she got checked out and found out what it was.

I have Chiari, a syrinx, and when I was 15 I had the cyst. Had surgery, a year later had to have the surgery re-done. So very painful and I’ve never met anyone else who has had one, but of course it’s rarely discussed. I’m 34 and still can’t quite sit comfortably to this day, but it’s bearable. Best of luck to you and your sister!