Paying the price after wife reprimands me - Still so worth it

,Hi friends

I hope this finds you in a better state than I am in, but alas mine was self induced and definitely worth every moment of pain and suffering right now. Earlier today, Emma (for those new she is my youngest) and I were listening to music and she tells me "Daddy, I want rock-n-roll" me being an old rocker well despite better judgement and an already horrid headache CRANKED the SPEAKERS and the VOLUME to Queens greatest hits volume 1 & 2. Emma and I start dancing and I was teaching her air guitar and air drums. She loved it while doing the big no-no of jumping on daddy's bed (don't worry no punishments received as I was rocking right with her). Then Katrina comes in (oldest child) body slams onto my bed and starts crawling on her back playing air guitar and singing. Needless to say all of this noise got my wife's attention....OOOPSY

She comes in an tells me that you get upset when you have a headache like you do today and the girls or the TV is too LOUD. Well the girls and I rocked out for 1 more song and called it a day. Now the headache is much worse from the volume of ROCK, the singing (albeit rather bad), and dancing with our air instruments. It was so worth it to cut loose and try to forget about this misery and pain caused by CM.

The big thing and the good thing is the girls and I cut loose and had some fun like we haven't in quite some time - It was worth it, it made me feel almost normal again. I do not think I would trade it for anything and even though she was upset with me she was glad that I was playing with the girls and the girls were laughing, giggling, and having fun with daddy.

Thanks for listening to my ramble.


Being a good parent is priceless. Your kids are very lucky. I know how hard it is being a conected parent when you are in pain. My kids suffer so much. I try and make them laugh as much as I possibly can and try and help them just be kids without worrying about me.I live for those moments and as my kids get older I wonder what I will do when they are gone. Treasure every minute.

hi mike

you are so great

i hope you know that

now rest up

LOL I do that every now and then and the kids laugh because I pay dearly and laugh about it and they say what I usually do "I told ya so"'s is so nice sometimes to live again isn't it and forget the pain even though you hurt for it later worse

Made me laugh out loud as I do the same with my daughter. Create the memories but take care of you as well.

Hope you are feeling better!

Thank you for sharing this! Moments like this are sometimes worth the extra pain:) I’m glad that you and your girls were able to cut loose for a bit. You are a great dad! Your post made me smile:)

Hi everyone. Thank you for all the wonderful and uplifting comments. I really appreciate all of them, it really picks up my spirits to know that all of you are so supportive and wonderful (although this goes without saying). There is a drawback though to this. Emma wants to do it again today - so maybe another day of indulgence for a small, very small amount of she is discovering Bon Jovi......................what's next in 80's rock and don't worry when she gets older I will introduce her to 60's and 70's rock. she already likes doo-wop

hope your day is pain free and good


I am so happy for you Mike. We all need to spend fun time with our children. It's Great for everyone involved !!!

You could always show her the soft side of bad hair :) Patience, November Rain and so on Bon Jovi has some nice ones to :) I have Bad Hair music. You should get her into Beattles and the Stones!!!

Mike it takes forgetting yourself at times and take time to smell the roses to really appreciate life. Your girls will only be girls for a short time, so this will be a memory they will hold dear to them their whole life. I am sure Daddy will.

Mike that sounded wonderful to be playing that way with your children. Mybe try wearing ear plugs so you won't get a headache nex time. The memories even if they might far and few between your kids will cherish them!!!! Your such a good dad!!!

I am sure your daughters appreciate you being willing to deal with a little pain to have fun with them! I grew up with a mother that had Multiple Sclerosis from the time I was 4...and some of my best childhood memories are from times when my Mom did just what you did - relaxed, let loose, and took whatever consequences that came later. I am so glad that you are able to still have fun with your kids! I don't have a family yet, but I hope when I do my Chiari won't get the way of some good, clean fun!