My neck get so tired that it hard to hold it up with out pain. Then at night my neck and back in pain no matter how I try to sleep.any suggestions on how to deal with the pain.

Hey Lula,

Same thing happened to me last night... Left side of neck and shoulder were killing me. I ended up taking a valium. It worked, I slept. This morning still sore but no where close to the severity of last night.

I have a neck brace which I wear during the day and it helps.ope you are feeling better this morning.

Feeling a little better but just depressed today because I get confused when I am in pain. Hope you doing better too

Oh I am so sorry… I know how you feel… Hang in there… Speaking of confused… I took a paper towel to dry my hands but instead put it under the running water… Scary. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

I’m keep saying there be better days ahead. Just don’t understand why I have chiari which took my life I had away from me. Can’t work just sit at home and stay to myself. Hope you have better days too.

Remember you are not alone …I’m here if you want to vent/ share your pain. I wish I could make it go away for you :frowning: Are you on any meds for your pain?

Yes I’m on some muscle relaxation pills. But they don’t help and can’t get the doctor to understand Ndola that. Thank you for being there for me.

Depression is very common with Chiari. I have been on several anxiety/depression medications for several years, however, now I completely off of all prescription drugs. I was having too many side effects from them and unfortunately the best one for me, Lexapro, only seems to help for about 2 years and then the effectiveness wears off. I've been trying the natural way for now. St. John's Wort, exercise, and getting some fresh air. Exercise is tricky when you have Chiari, but honestly there is something out there that can work with anyone's restrictions. For example, walking, swimming, dancing, chair exercises, jazzercise, and my personal favorite, just doing any kind of movements that gets my heart rate up in my house. If anyone peeked in my window they would think I've gone nuts!! ;-) My goal is to do at least 10 minutes a day. I love when I get 30 minutes. It's amazing how much better i feel emotionally when I can say, "Well I did my 10, at least I wasn't just sitting on the coach!" Sometimes I'm still in my p.j's!!

With the sleeping; Years ago I found a pillow online for chiarians called, Zipperhead pillows. I LOVE my pillow! I take it on every trip! Maybe give that a try.

Hope my opinions give you some useful information.

We’re can you buy the zipperhead pillow.

I bought mine online. This is the same image on the tag of my pillow. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks everyone it make me feel better to know you care. I going try to get away from the house today and move around. Hope you all doing good